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Restaurants: Only, Well-behaved Kids Welcome

If your child does not know how to behave in a restaurant, you should leave your child at home. Going out to a restaurant should be a relaxing experience for everyone. When your child misbehaves at a restaurant, it is an unenjoyable and stressful experience for everyone! I know that some parents may feel that... Read more »

It's A School, Not The Wild, Wild West: No Guns In Schools

To the families that were devastated by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.  The senseless tragedy that took the lives of twenty children and six adults is just devastating.  As a result of this tragedy, I will forever hold my children a little tighter each day.... Read more »

Has your Christmas Become A Tug-Of-War Between In-Laws?

Your family wants you to spend Christmas with them and your spouse’s family wants you to spend the holiday with them. You can’t possibly be in two places at once. When it was just you and your spouse, you would choose which family to spend Christmas with or maybe you would split the day. Now... Read more »

Want To Live Longer? Have Some Kids!

A Danish study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health finds that people who become parents, especially women tend to live longer. They studied over 21,000 couples that were registered for in vitro fertilization treatments. According to the study, women who are childless who die from circulatory disease, cancer and accidents have a death... Read more »

Unparenting: Parents Raising Kids Without Rules?

The unparenting style seems like parents are saying FU to the Tiger Mom. Letting your kids do whatever they want is so extreme to me that I was almost speechless when I read about it. There are parents who believe that they should not tell their kids what to do. According to a story in... Read more »