10 Reasons Why Parents Should Get More Credit Than Santa Claus

Why does Santa Claus get all of the freaking credit for giving children a great Christmas?  When you think about it, he really doesn't do much.  He shows up at the mall and asks kids what they want for Christmas and gives them a candy cane.  That's it!  He doesn't do anything else, so why should he get all of the credit for parent's hard work?  He shouldn't and here's why in no particular order:


1) Santa isn't lying to his kids while teaching them that lying is wrong.

2) He isn't working extra shifts at work to pay for all of the gifts that the kids want.

3) Santa is not forgoing starbucks to save money for toys.

4) Santa didn't bake any cookies or buy any milk.

5) Santa didn't get up at 2am to stand outside in the cold to go shopping on Black Friday.

6) He isn't constantly making up excuses as to why his existence makes sense.

7) Santa doesn't have to deal with the sadness when a toy isn't under the Christmas tree.

8) Santa didn't assemble one freaking toy.

9) Santa does not have to go into stealth mode while trying to smuggle and hide toys in his home.

10) Santa didn't buy one Fucking toy!


Santa Claus has been getting accolades for years for not really doing much of anything.  I'm not a scrooge, I am just saying what many parents have thought but would never say.  If there is a little resentment in your home for Santa Claus, please share your thoughts in the comment section. A big shout out to all of the parents who never got credit for making Christmas a great day for their kids!!

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