Is your kid a racist and are you ok with that?

A recent article on discusses some very racist tweets by people and some of them are teenagers. I was very disappointed. It's 2012 and I really hoped that our country was beyond this kind of hatred. It's even more disappointing that this hatred is coming from children.

I visited the twitter sites for the people that I suspected to be teens. I confirmed that they were teens by reading their other tweets. Some of the twitter accounts have been eliminated or blocked. My guess is that some of the parents found out about the racist tweets and shut down the sites.

This should be a wake up call for parents to check on their kid's social media activity. I wrote a blog several months ago, asking if parents should check their child's email and text messages. Every parent should check what their child is posting online periodically. I don't want to hear that it's an invasion of their privacy. I would want to know if my child was posting this kind of hatred. I would want to know if my child had these kinds of thoughts and why. It's not just about the racist rants but, it's also about the lack of respect for the President of the United States of America. Here is just a sampling of the racist rants tweeted by teens.

1) I really just can't stand that monkey in office any longer.
2) Hope Obama dies.
3) First thing my mom says this morning: did you hear the bad news? The monkey is staying for another 4 years. #WeHateYouObama
4) i was all happy and i was ready for school then i figured
out retarded nigger is in office -.-... again
5) Disappointed that my state voted for the nigger.
6) Obama did not kill Osama.. That's an excuse people use to put that sorry nigger back In office.
7) america is Fucked. full of fucking nigger lovers needing support from the god damn government. FUCKED YOU!
8) meanwhile that nigger Obama hugs that fat faggot Christie and BOOM now everybody wants to vote for him because hugs are positive like smiles.
9) Can we all just get out and vote for romney so we can get this nigger out of office!!!
10) No NIGGER should lead this country!!!

These teens are not only racist, but they are bigots as well. They don't like black people, gay people or fat people. Where is all of this hate coming from. It's sad that these young people have so much hate in their heart. We will never become a post racial society if parents continue to raise their children to have hate in their heart.

Some people will say that these teens are just being teens and their words shouldn't be taken seriously. I say bullshit! These teens know exactly what they are saying and should be dealt with accordingly by their parents. If the parents of these teens are truly shocked and appalled by these tweets, they need to put a stop to this behavior immediately so that their future grandchildren are not raised to promote hatred. A person should be judged by their character, not their race, weight or sexual orientation.

These teens need to be taught respect. The office of the President of the United States is to be respected by everyone in this country. That respect should be there even if you don't like the person that holds that office. The fact that one of the tweets wished that the President would die is disturbing. It's not just disturbing that they want the President of the United States to die, it's disturbing that they want anyone to die. What kind of person wishes death on someone?

Parents, I urge you to raise your children not to see color as a reason to hate someone. We are all people. We all breathe, bleed, die and pay taxes (some more than others). There are great people in this world and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Don't let your child miss out on befriending a great person because he/she believes that the color of someone's skin matters.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Okay, the poll made me laugh. Um, YES. These kids are learning this crap from their parents. Either mom & dad are actively using that language and have those ideas, or they are passively allowing their children to absorb that from the outside and failing to correct it.

  • Jenna, there will be people who say that they are not racist. They are just being teenagers. It was very uncomfortable to type this blog. I just hope that at least one parent is able to correct this awful behavior.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    I don't understand how those tweets can be construed as anything but complete racism. Anyone making excuses for that is delusional and hateful. Unfortunately, they are out there.

    It's easy for me to dismiss those types as ignorant because it's not aimed at me. I'm sorry if it came across like I didn't take it seriously above. It's a tough road in this country, for sure.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    I was actually wanting to reply to your article "What about the children of pot-smoking Moms", but commenting for that article has ended, and it's actually quite fitting that I'm using this article on racism to reach you. You make a point in "Pot-smoking Moms" that by using marijuana outside of the law one would be teaching their kids that they don't have to abide by it. Need you be reminded of the laws that supported segregation not so many years ago? It took people who knew those laws were wrong to stand up to them and teach their children that the law (as written by so many WHITE men) isn't always right and sometimes you need not simply 'break' it, but make a stand to change it.
    Secondly, you talk about the evils of resorting to an 'herb' to reduce stress and the dangers of teaching children the same. Have you ever bothered to think about how many of your readers and their children take any number of mood altering chemical pharmaceuticals on a daily basis? To correct everything from keep Mom's anxiety, to little Billy's ADD. Why, Tracy, did you fail to include the dangers of synthetic RX pharmaceuticals that big corporations profit from when addressing teaching children to use a substance to reduce stress?
    Thirdly, you comment on whether pot is harmful. What are you writing this in relation to? Tell me how many people have died from marijuana overdose - just name a few celebrities off the top of your head. Now tell me how many people (celebrities or maybe even people you know personally) who have died from pharmaceutical or alcohol related incidences. If you're truly concerned for the health and safety of your readers and their children, certainly you would be responsible and balanced enough to take the time to write about actual health dangers, not just spew regurgitated scare 'catch phrases' straight of a DARE manual ala Nancy Reagan.
    I ran accross your article/blog when doing a search to find material to educate my children on the real facts about marijuana and hemp in an attempt to counter the brainwashing they're receiving on the topic from our local Public School. Anyone who would read your drivel and think that you have something valuable to contribute to them or their family must be more ignorant than you. You're half of what is wrong with this country and it's inhabitants (sheeple), the other half consists of a mix of tv, libs, and other people like you.

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    As a racist, I was raised by 2 liberal parents who never spoke about racism at all.

    Here is why I am a racist:

    Because EVERY "Anti-Racist" I've ever met would talk to me about two things:

    1. How White people are inherently evil, how they are responsible for their ancestors misdeeds while other races are not, and how White children are the only race that doesn't exist because they are a social construct. All of this leading to the direction of a world without White children - genocide.

    2. How they're not anti-White genocidal sociopaths.

    Who do these "anti-racists" think they are kidding?

    That's why we all know anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • In reply to Linux Lewis:

    I'm confused. So you are saying you are a racist? I don't even know what to say to that. Good luck? You're an idiot?

    I'm as white as the clouds and I'm, as you say, "anti-racist" because it's not an effective way to judge people. I like to look at peoples' status updates and listen to their opinions and maybe see what they have for dinner. Those are way better ways to tell things about people. Skin color is as useful in determining values about a person as shoe size.

    What's with the paranoia? A world without white children? Apparently you have not visited the western suburbs. Or Utah. Go there - plenty of doughy white kids to satisfy your craving.

    Crap. I just fed a troll, didn't I? Rats. Delete!

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    Nobody is flooding AFRICA with hundreds of millions of non-Africans and force assimilating them to create a MELTING POT then harassing, threatening, humiliating, censoring, jailing any African who doesn't embrace the program of GENOCIDE

    Nobody is flooding ASIA with hundreds of millions of non-Asians and force assimilating them to create a MELTING POT then harassing, threatening, humiliating, censoring, jailing any Asian who doesn't embrace the program of GENOCIDE

    By all means tell me, What do WHITE children get out of "ANTI-RACISM" OTHER than their GENOCIDE?

  • In reply to Linux Lewis:

    So you are saying that people who think that being a racist is wrong, want to eliminate white children. Are you insinuating that every non-white person in the United States is conspiring to get rid of white people? It's unfortunate that you have had some bad experiences in your life.

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    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    I am saying that EVERYONE who "claims" that racism is wrong, is PUSHING for the genocide of white children.

    They ARE conscious of what they are doing because everyone has seen the changing demographics firsthand and in statistics. Many "anti-racists" even BRAG about what they've forced white children into.

  • fb_avatar

    looks like you are new to the internet

    Troll does NOT = a person who craps all over your retarded indefensible anti-white views

  • In reply to Linux Lewis:

    I think your problem is that you're a violent, conspiracy theorist lunatic. Your brain is inherently wired to be irrational.

  • Jenna, you may pride yourself on being an anti-racist, but do you really think non-whites are going to grant you the same courtesy, especially once they become the majority? See, that's where rank-and-file white liberals make their biggest mistake; assuming minorities will treat whites fairly once they gain enough power. Have you paid attention to what's gone on in Zimbabwe or South Africa lately?

    Doughy white kids? Are you so blind you can't even see the anti-white brainwashing that you yourself exhibit towards your own?

  • In reply to Chenjesu:

    The problem with your thinking is that you are assuming that non-whites are going to treat white people the same as white have treated. Fortunately, the majority of us non-whites are above that idiotic, degenerate-like behavior, and are not as vindictive as you would like us to be.

    So, stop being dramatic with your comfortable 63% majority.

  • In reply to Linux Lewis:

    Linux, first of all, I would like to commend you for your honesty. Were you a racist before you encountered the anti-racists that you mentioned in your coment? I would have to say that the "anti-racist that you describe are actually racist if they say that white people are evil.

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    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    "Racism" is natural. Most languages don't have the word "racist" because the word "loyalty" is interchangeable. Anti-Racism is TAUGHT. Why do you think we have hundreds of thousands of "Diversity Training Centers" across western civilization?

    The word "Racist" was invented by a mass murdering Communist named Leon Trotsky.

    The word "racist" is only directed towards white people. Hatred towards whites is called "Reverse Racism" meaning "The opposite of racism" or Anti-Racism.

    Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White

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    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Tracy, your logic is childish and your spelling is atrocious. Please choose a new hobby.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Oh! Deke Rivers! Of the "uppity negro" fame:

    Tracy, these people aren't worth your time. Let's move on. Mass media agrees with you:

  • fb_avatar

    Jenna Myers Karvunidis, amateur internet cop! Boy, that would make for a horrible TV show. I bet you got beat up a lot in grade school.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Deke Rivers, so you are the one who called my fellow blogger an "Uppity Negro" and said that she hates white people! We clearly know which side of the racism issue you are on. Keep it moving dude!

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    A racist is someone who takes "race" and uses it as the primary means to define an individual or individuals, discounting their individuality.

    In the biological sense, race doesn't exist in humans. This is because the differences that we ascribe to "race" are genetically smaller by far than the differences in individuals who are supposedly of different races.

    "Race" exists in humans only in a social context. It is used to divide people up in a convenient and easy to remember manner. If you are of one race and you see someone of another race, you can blame your problems on that other person and their "race", they aren't your problems anymore!

    It is natural for humans to divide up into groups. Sports are one means by which people do this without necessarily involving race. Instead of requiring each football team be made up of only black players or only white players, the teams are just issued different uniforms.

    Since humans want to form groups, the family is a group, a church is a group, a team is a group, it would seem to make sense to find ways to divide up based on shared values and not random physical features.

    Instead of skin color, the modern means of dividing into the largest subdivision of humanity is the nation state. Nation states are not racially homogenous. So no matter what race you, if you are an American, you should be, in the broadest sense, on the same side. It would do good to remember that when tweeting about the president or anyone else.

  • In reply to stderr:

    Interesting perspective! I like it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Linux Lewis:

    Jenna is laughable-she lives in a suburban Whitopia, but teaches her kids that are no differences between the races only because the likelihood of her kids spending any time among groups of blacks is zero. Jenna's parents or grandparents moved to the suburbs from the city and inner suburbs to get away from blacks. Only two generations later, two-faced leftist hypocrisy rears its ugly head. Blame female suburban dou**ebags like Jenna for putting that clueless clown Obama back in office. This twit must be an Oprah/Dr. Phil devotee with too much time on her hands.

  • No bullying allowed on my blog. Let's stick to the issues. Jenna is not the subject of this blog.

  • Sir, Dr. Phil is a Conservative, a Republican, if you will. Thank you.

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    Let's just see the racial demographics of Jenna's zip code. If Jenna does live in the city, she sends her kids to a Catholic/private school or a high-achiever school like North Side Prep. Spare us the sanctimonious happy talk. Kids can x-ray bulls**t when confronted with reality.

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    In a world full of evil,you can see it every where,Just to say its all a matter of preference.only scratches the surface.As a species we aren't that unique but there is this 17 percent difference.Tossed together,and told that everyone is the same.We are not the same.Some of us use extreme drama to express their views.while a more enlightened person simply feels no need to partake with such primitive hostiles regardless of color If you think you can skate around the issues and not do your part,I simply dont want to know ya

  • Although I do not agree or excuse these tweets and posts, how about we also discuss the racially charged tweets posted towards Mitt Romney. I'm a proud Mexican-American and I do not agree with only looking at one group of people and saying they are racist because of the things that were said. I think bigotry and racism is alive and well in every racial community including the Hispanic community so we need to address and not excuse people of any color when they attack a person because of race, sex or orientation. This column was more of a disservice than the good it could have done by calling attention to a bigger issue in all communities.

  • In reply to Burblatino:

    i definitely agree, racism is evil in any form. on the other hand, did you actually read the article? it was about teaching kids not to hate, not about which candidate they should or should not support, so i'm not sure what mr. romney has to do with it. additionally, if people have identified mr. romney as being racist, rightly or wrongly, it just might have something to do with the bigoted comments made by many of his surrogates and those within his party. at the end of the day, people should be judged by who they are not by how they are categorized.

  • In reply to Burblatino:

    Burblatino, I think that the people who made racially charged comments towards Mitt Romney are also racist. They were not included in the article that I took the above tweets from. ANYONE who judges a person based on the color of their skin is a racist. There are no racial groups that get a pass.

  • Bigotry and racism is alive and well. To concentrate on the original blog - racism is TAUGHT. These kids are on track to have and raise racist children.

    It's sad that in this day and age, people are still judging people by the color of their skin. And if they are not taught otherwise, racism continues.

    Anti-racist does not equal "anti-white". Anti-racists equals - acceptance of all, whether they are different from you or not. It means judging by character, deed, and actions as opposed to skin color or last name.

    Remove the skin and we're all blood, bones, muscle, fat, cells, protons, neutrons.

  • In reply to goofyjj:

    Goofyjj I like your biological break down!

  • In reply to goofyjj:

    Well goofyjj, looks like Obama supporters didn't get your memo. Blacks didn't vote on last name, like with Jesse "Looney Tunes" Jackson Jr? 93% of blacks that voted for Obama couldn't have possibly voted for him because of his skin color, right?

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    In reply to goofyjj:

    Racism is learned through experience. Ever attend a Chicago Public School? No. Case closed. Get in your time machine back to 1972.

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    I voted for Obama because as Christians go, the most laughable are Mormons, so that left Mitt out. Also, for a colored person, Obama is one of the good ones and is a credit to his race.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    wow...i haven't seen "a credit to his race" trotted around since black folks were called "colored".

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to misterchi:

    What decade do you live in? African-Americans hate being called "black folks". Wow!

    Thanks for playing.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Deke Rivers, since you said that Obama is "one of the good ones and a credit to his race", are you one of the good ones of your race? That sounds like a very racist statement. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Tracy, my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote that. I believe that statement was a direct quote from Archie Bunker (but obviously not directed to Barack Obama). I'm not sure who he said it to, possibly Sammy Davis Jr.?

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Thanks for the clarification and thanks for reading!

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    In reply to Deke Rivers:

    Did you know that all religion is simply a fantasy? repeat ALL

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Jim Henson:

    I know all, puny mortal, for I am the Lord Your God and you shall feel my wrath come judgement day, blah, blah, blah...

  • If you spew such dialogue how can you not be called evil. I wouldn't even try to reason with hate. They find any justification for it so moving on.

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    WOW, this blog is jumping. Parents teach your children to Love their fellow Human Beings. We are all he same, the only difference is in your perception.

  • In reply to Carla Smith:

    Carla, it's as simple as the way you stated it but people make it complicated.

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    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Yes Tracy, and there in lays the problem.

  • fb_avatar

    One more thing to think about. All of these kids i bet listen to Rap, have their favorite Rap singer, have their favorite sports team which these days include African American Players. When they go to see a movie, they have their favorite Black Actor, and I would bet that these same kids have cds BY no less then 10 artists listed on this site With most kids hate is selective. They hate because they are taught to hate, if they were taught to Love regardless, then these statements or Tweets would not have been posted. Most adults in all races Hate because of differences. it could be because of Color it could be because that person has more stuff then the other or that person lives a better life then them. If we take the Hate out of the World, then we all will become better Humans.

  • Just like piercings, tatoos, vile language, and spiked hair, teens and young people like to shock. Don't you remember, it's fun.

  • In reply to concerned mom:

    Concerned mom, I don't remember racist rants falling into the same category as piercings, tatoos, vile language and spiked hair.

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    Hate will never go away and there are always going to be racists. Those who think that we will some day live in a fairyland where everyone loves each other regardless of difference are too idealistic and not rooted in reality. One reason is that you can't mandate opinion in a free country. You can't force people to think one way and tell them that they can't think the other. Should these kids be charged with hate crimes for making some feel bad that racism exists? You can't mandate "nice" and therefore there will always be racists.

  • We don't teach debate in school. Most racist remarks are ad hominem attacks. Obviously, it's easier to attack a person by associating characteristics with the person. It's harder to figure out what one doesn't like about the person, and state it clearly. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of comments which, while not necessarily reaching explicit racism, are attacks on the person, not the ideas. I'm sure if one asked, most of those teens would be unable to say what scares them about the premise of another 4 years of Obama, at least not in a rational manner.

    By the way, this article violates the terms and conditions of Chicago Now, although I'm not sure how one can have a rational discussion of racism without mentioning examples of racism.

  • I remember when my son was in elementary school and he came home and told us that his teacher admitted to the class that her mother had taught her to be racist toward black people. My son was extremely surprised when she shared this information with her 7th grade class. He also felt uncomfortable when she did this because she only had about two black students in her class and he was one of them!

  • fb_avatar

    @ Concerned Mon from Every block. How many years ago did this incident happen? May be this teacher has changed her views on blacks. By you talking about something that probably, happened over ten years ago makes you as bad as the teacher.

  • In reply to Barbara Shanley:

    @ Barbara Shanley

    Your logic is very twisted. If I had said that my son's teacher admitted that she was trained to be kind to blacks. Would your reply then be "Maybe this teacher has changed her views on blacks and by talking about something that probably happened over ten years ago makes you kind as the teacher. Ridiculous.

    I was just stating a fact that a teacher shared about her parent. Again the focus was on what her parent was teaching her. This does not make me racist for sharing the experience of my child and it does not make the teacher bad for sharing it. I do however feel very sorry for you Barbara Shanley. You seen to be full of anger.

  • In reply to Barbara Shanley:

    Barbara, I think that Concerned Mom was trying to make a point about parents teaching their children to hate. This teacher has chosen a different path. If you read some of the other comments here, it appears that if some of these commenters are parents, their children are being taught to hate in 2012!

  • It's difficult to have a rational discussion about race without bringing out the trolls. I can see some of them have already left comments here. The best thing to do is to disregard the comment if he/she brings up a political party.

  • Tracey

    #2 "Hope Obama Dies" is not a racist statement. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, figuring that you took it out of context from among other statements by the same poster that were blatantly racist as per the other examples you cited.

    Please clarify if this is the case.

    With this simple misstep you have opened yourself up to legitimate criticism, which is not something intelligent people should be capable of doing while representing a point-of-view as non-controversial as racial tolerance.

    If I'm mistaken about the context issue, you do not know what the word "racist" means.

    I have an (accurate) gut feeling that the words "Hope Bush Dies" have escaped your lips at some point in your life. Does that mean you hate me?

  • In reply to scottbot:

    Scottbot, I visited the twitter sites of these teens and as I said in the blog, I posted a sampling of what of what was tweeted. All of them made multiple racists tweets that were directed at the President. I would feel exactly the same way if racist tweets were posted about President Bush! Your gut is dead wrong! I have never wished death on anyone.

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    Whites did not build this country,this country was built off the backs of Africans and became Rich because of 500 years of FREE! Labor

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    In reply to Robert Thornton III:

    Here's a little help for you We were made to self destruct,In the mess of who we are.They,The Annunaki, Want distortion of facts.They love the fact that there are clashes,of skin of color.Their game is hate and discontent.Disorder and confusion Why division creates no unity,We are fed shit and forced to believe it .We were made in their image, that's a fact,Against Gods Will But we dont have to end up like them.They made us to be their servant worker/slave.And through in veto fertilization and dna manipulation,well here we are. the missing link is us Why do they hate we were born of sin,Going far back to the beginning,They altered the apes and their Female carried the altered embryo,through refinement and time,Well now you know.

  • In reply to Robert Thornton III:

    " because of 500 years of FREE! Labor"

    I suspect this isn't actually true. Slavery wasn't allowed in the North and the North was richer than the South. Slavery is not a very efficient means of wealth generation. Slaves are not "free" to the slaveholder, they have to eat, have a place to live, etc. If the slaveholder ignores this, he will lose his investment. No matter what he does, the slaves will hate him and look for any means and any time to exact retribution. It turns out that slavery is not only morally wrong, it's stupid. Perhaps for this reason, pretty much every other country in the world has managed to ban it without having to have a civil war.

  • Doll,
    We really do have to turn on Facebook commenting. Cheers!

  • I don't have Facebook comments turned on because there is a issue with my blog FB account that FB has failed to fix after several requests. I can't respond to comments on a mobile device so the only way to respond to comments is from a computer. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Haha, Thomas Blakely can't even spell certain racist slurs right.

    OK that's immature of me.

  • I totally agree that the hatred being spewed out is completely inappropriate, unbecoming and ignorant. Certainly, I would not tolerate such language and rot coming from my child. I do disagree, however, that parents are completely responsible for all of it. Can the parents be instilling racism in their children? Definitely. Are they necessarily doing so? No.

    My 10 year old son has eyes and ears of his own and has come home and asked me questions about why so much of the bullying that goes on in his school is perpetrated by African American* children, especially when the bullying takes the form of a mob style attack on one other child. I have no good answers for him. I try to emphasize that individuals choose bad behavior and that you cannot lump people together and assume that just because someone makes bad choices that every seemingly similar person makes those same choices. He notices the patterns and the commonalities that often exist. It may sound ugly and it is horribly inconvenient but stereotypes do exist for a reason.
    *As an aside, not all people like having the term African American used. My neighbor who is like a grandmother to my children hates it. She says, "my relatives are not directly descended from Africa. I'm black, not African."

    I try to take everyone on as an individual and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I grew up poor, in Canada. I was bullied and it was at the hands of white kids.Jacka**es are not limited to any one single race, creed, religion or socio-economic class. I will say, however, that I do see a lot of racism here, and it is definitely not just on the part of caucasians against . Watching some family of a 9 year old boy be forced out of our community because a gang of african american children at his school bullied and beat him so badly that neighbors had to rush in and break them up; finding a group of mixed race children vandalizing the community tennis court nets and asking them to stop, only to have one child's mother come screaming and wagging her finger in my face and calling me an "uppity white b*tch" who has no business saying anything to her child; blaming something that doesn't turn out the way you wanted on your race. These behaviors are regularly exhibited and kids are not stupid, they notice. They know there is something unbalanced about how this is working.

    You cannot have to walk on eggshells around people and apply different rules to some than to others. Setting people apart negatively and discriminating against them is not acceptable, nor is setting them apart in a way (questionably) favorably. You have to hold all people to the same standards. You cannot have equality until equal means both the good and the bad. When you have people set apart, you don't have equality.. you only foster feelings of resentments.

  • In reply to AtlMom:

    AtlMom, you are right that it's not totally the parents fault. There are kids who are influenced by their friends. That's why I urged parents to periodically check their kid's social media posts.
    Why is this issue so complicated? Treat everyone the way in which you would want to be treated.

  • fb_avatar

    Ok now get to the other ethnic accounts and sites....It works both ways...what are the comments there? I don't agree with any of it, but don't pick one race and display one sided and a select view of tweets....Show and point out both sides....This reminds me of the same crap main media has been doing for years

  • In reply to Ron Shaffer:

    Ron, I realize that this issue goes for every race. My last paragraph was directed at all parents. Racism occurs in every racial group. I just happened to see the article with the tweets posted and decided to write about the tweets. The issue is about race and respect for the office of the President. If I had come across an article about a white president who was the target of racist tweets by teenagers, I would have written about it as well. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • fb_avatar

    Hell, I can prove that racism is alive and well. Not once did the author state that the tweets were by white kids, nor was any indication given that these posts were by white kids, yet every single response on this comment thread assumed that it was tweets by white kids. No one thought they could have been made by any other "race". Please, even those who think they are the solution are part of the problem.

  • In reply to Todd Berens:

    Todd, you are very perceptive! I intentionally didn't mention the race of the teens. It doesn't matter because it's just wrong. Thanks for reading.

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    I find this article very very one-sided - especially that presented tweets are all anti-Obama. What about the tweets about killing Romney, rioting if Romney would win?
    And overall - what about racist tweets of celebrities during this election season? What about Obama voters who openly admitted they vote for him because of the race? What about latest NAACP statement detailing minority turnout this election, claiming that it wouldn't be as strong if it wasn't for Obama on the ballot?
    And if you want to talk about teens... have you studied at Chicago Public Schools? I have (where Caucasian students, like me, were a minority) - and I one of my strongest memory is being dealt with a race card (I did not want to let someone copy my homework, and I was accused of being racist).
    Yes - there is a lot of White supremacists in today's America. But I believe the very same problem, to a greater extent, exists amongst Blacks (not to mention the feuds between Blacks and Latinos).

  • In reply to Filip Franciszek:

    Filip, as I stated in my blog, this issue was brought to my attention by an article from a website. If I had seen an article that listed racist tweets about a white President, I would have written about it as well. In my blog, I urged ALL parents to raise their children not to see color. Racism is possible by any race.

    I have studied at Chicago Public Schools, I was one of the founders of one of them 3 years ago, my children attend public school and I have spent years volunteering at multiple CPS schools.

    Your experience was unfortunate and was very racist. You seem young so I hope that you can keep an open mind as you continue thru life. There are bad people in every race but they are out numbered by good people. I hope that you will have lifelong positive experiences with different races like I have.

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