Black Friday Shopping: No Kids Allowed

Parents, please leave your children at home when you go out shopping on Black Friday. Your children are not accustomed to being around such large groups of people. They are not paying attention to where they are walking and they are wandering in front of serious deal hunters.

I witnessed about five teens screaming and laughing in Macy's while they were playing on the escalator. They kept walking up the down escalators and screaming. Apparently, these girls are kept locked inside their homes because they clearly don't know how to behave in public.

Parents with children in strollers, sigh! How can you possibly think that it is a good idea to bring a stroller to a Black Friday sale? Stores are packed with people and you are trying to maneuver a stroller through the store filled with people. To the lady with the double stroller in H &M on Michigan Avenue, you were annoying a lot of people today.

Aren't parents supposed to be shopping for their kids on Black Friday? Why else would you fight crowds of people if it's not to get the toy, video game, pair of boots or headphones that your child can't live without? Maybe parents can trade babysitting services. You can leave your kids with a friend and go shopping and then your friend can go shopping while you watch her kids. If you can't get a babysitter, then maybe you need to miss the sale.

Every year there are people injured during Black Friday sales. You are putting your children at risk by bringing them shopping with the crazy people searching for deals. Keep your kids safe next year. Black Friday sale 2013, no kids allowed!

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