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10 Reasons Why Parents Should Get More Credit Than Santa Claus

Why does Santa Claus get all of the freaking credit for giving children a great Christmas?  When you think about it, he really doesn’t do much.  He shows up at the mall and asks kids what they want for Christmas and gives them a candy cane.  That’s it!  He doesn’t do anything else, so why... Read more »

Spoiled Brats and the Parents Who Create Them

Is your child spoiled? Do you give your kid everything he/she wants? Will you buy everything they ask, for Christmas or Hanukkah? As the holidays approach, this is a question that I always think about. How much loot will children get from their parents? We’ve all seen these kids that throw tantrums in the store... Read more »

Black Friday Shopping: No Kids Allowed

Parents, please leave your children at home when you go out shopping on Black Friday. Your children are not accustomed to being around such large groups of people. They are not paying attention to where they are walking and they are wandering in front of serious deal hunters. I witnessed about five teens screaming and... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Good And Bad Parent Readers

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the people who read my Good And Bad Parents blog. I am thankful to each and every one of you. I feel blessed that each of you has taken a minute or two or even more of your time to read my opinions about parenting. I especially want to thank... Read more »

Birthday party ideas, holiday gifts, marketing ideas, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair had it all

This weekend was the 10th Annual Chicago Toy and Games Fair at Navy Pier.   I attended the event last year and my family and I had such a great time.  This year, because I am a blogger I was able to attend a private event for the fair.  The guest speaker was Kevin Harrington... Read more »

Adoptive Parents: Don't return your kids like defective TV sets

Adoptive parents are returning their children to the adoption agencies. These parents have decided that they don’t want their kids anymore. My child didn’t come from an agency, so where should I return my child if I decide that I don’t want her anymore? Three adoptive families returned or attempted to return their children when... Read more »

Is your kid a racist and are you ok with that?

A recent article on discusses some very racist tweets by people and some of them are teenagers. I was very disappointed. It’s 2012 and I really hoped that our country was beyond this kind of hatred. It’s even more disappointing that this hatred is coming from children. I visited the twitter sites for the... Read more »

Paid to Parent? Only in Chicago!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has established an interesting relationship with Walgreens. Walgreens drug store will give $25 gift cards to parents at 70 Chicago Public Schools if they come to pick up their child’s report card and attend a parent conference. This program is aimed at targeting schools with low parental involvement. The last time I... Read more »