Should a 13-year old give advice about sex?

A fellow blogger posted a video on her Facebook page. It was a video called "Slut Shamming and Why it's Wrong" and it has been viral on the internet and the vlogger has received tons of attention. The video was created by a 13-year old girl. I was appalled when I saw the video. When I went to post a comment, I had to do a double take. Every comment was cheering this girl on. Someone even wished they were this girl when they were thirteen. While I applaud her for standing up to people who judge other people I find parts of the video very disturbing.

She has been making you tube videos since she was 11-years old. I think that's too young to have a physical presence on the internet. She has no problem using profanity. She apparently thinks that if you talk about someone for dressing provacative that you are telling them that sex is bad and that everyone will hate them for having sex.

She goes on to say that if you give consent, are emotionally and physically ready, are safe and comfortable with your partner and use protection, then sex is good. Then she says that it's nobody's business how many people you have sex with and how much sex you have. Wait, did a 13-year old just give advice on the how to know when you are ready to have sex? She also says that you don't deserve to be hated on for having sex with more than one partner. Let's not be so quick to throw our morals and values out the window, for the sake of being able to behave however we want without being hated on.

The vlogger then claims that slut shamming leads to rape. That's quite a stretch. While slut shamming is obviously wrong, it's important for young girls to know that dressing a certain way may bring negative attention. Right or wrong, that's a fact. A young teenage boy may not give a second look to a girl in a sweatshirt and loose jeans, but he will give a second look and drool over the girl with the short skirt and low-cut top. There is nothing wrong with an adult pointing out that a young girl should exhibit more self respect in her appearance and behavior.

Where are her parents? Why is an 13-year old allowed to post videos of herself in her bedroom on the internet? This girl has a following on Facebook, a blog and on You Tube. I don't think it's appropriate for her to be spouting out advice about how to tell when you are ready to have sex.

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