A Poster Child For Sex Education

The next time there is a meeting where there are parents opposed to sex education in school, please send them the link to this blog. On a bus ride home, I heard the most inappropriate conversation from a teenage boy. Every adult appeared to be completely disgusted.

Here is what the young man, scratch that, I can't call him a man. There was no part of his behavior that indicated that he was aware of what a man is. Here is what the kid said:

"That girl keep sayin it's my baby. She's blaming me fo everythang. Her back hurts and she feels sick. Iown even think it's my baby cause I ain't nut in her. She keep wantin me to go down on her. I can't go down on her while she pregnant."

This conversation was heard by everyone within five feet of this boy. I felt so bad for the elderly passengers because they felt so disrespected. Hell, I felt disrespected! There are some many things that are wrong with what he said, where do I begin?

- He clearly has no respect for this girl.
- I believe that pre-ejaculation is taught in sex education class. I guess he was absent that day.
- No one should be discussing intimate details of their sex life on the bus.
- The boy and that girl should not be engaging in sex and most certainly not unprotected sex.
- If he had sex with this girl once, it's possible that he is the father and should not be trying to deny the child.
- This boy is going to be someone's father.

This kid thought he was being cool while telling his business to his friends and anyone who had ears. There was no cool but there was a whole lot of ignorance. The ignorance among young people today is frightening. Is this boy ready to be responsible for another life when he can't even manage his own? How many teens get pregnant because they didn't attend a basic sex education class or failed to comprehend what was being taught? Parents, don't depend on someone else to teach your kid about sex. You can visit the Planned Parenthood website for information that can assist you in teaching your kid about sex.

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