SEX SELECTION: I'd Like A Girl, IQ 163, Brown Eyes, Long Black Hair, 7.6lbs, Well Behaved & Completely Healthy

Apparently we are headed towards special ordered children. If you can choose the sex of your unborn baby, what's next? What about hair color, eye color, behavior or IQ? The doctor mentioned in this article received a letter from the Vatican after he began to advertise that parents could choose the hair and eye color of their unborn child. He stopped advertising for those items and continued advertising for gender selection. featured an article about a woman who wanted a daughter so bad that she considered aborting her third son because he was not a girl.

This woman grew up with four sisters. She enjoyed girly things and she planned to share those things with her daughter. She wanted a daughter that she could dress in pink. When her first child was born, she was shocked that it was boy. She decided that her second would naturally be a girl. Not!! After her second child was born, she was so determined to have a girl that she left her home country of Canada to come to the U.S. for a sperm separation procedure that is illegal in Canada. She paid $800 for the procedure and it yielded another boy. She cried for weeks and she even considered having an abortion. This did no deter her from still wanting a daughter.

She continued to look for ways to absolutely guarantee that her next child would be the daughter that she always wanted. She looked a various web forums and found what she was looking for, but it would cost thousands of dollars that her and her husband did not have. She found a fertility clinic (I will not list the name) in Encino, California. The doctors use a procedure that was designed to detect genetic disorders to determine the likelihood of a particular sex. The average cost of the procedure is $18,000! The procedure did not work because all of her embryos were chromosomally abnormal.

She cried once again. This time she cried about not having a child and the $18,000 she spent as well as the travel, drugs and time off of work. You would think that she would just be happy with her husband and three sons. Not this woman. She took out a line of credit to fund an even more sophisticated procedure, resulting in her family spending a total of $40,000! Her perserverance paid off because she was pregnant with a baby girl!

Does this woman realize that the clinic where she had this procedure done, is filled with women who would give their right arm just to have a baby, any kind of baby? If she ever wants to get a clue about how ridiculous her actions seem, she should talk to a couple that can't have children.

I wonder how she treats her sons. These boys will always feel inferior to their sister because she is the child that this woman utimately wanted. This woman had three healthy children at home and she risked their future and the family's livelihood to get a baby of a particular sex. She worked six days a week until she delivered her baby because she had to repay the line of credit. This was time that was not spent with her sons.

Having a baby used to be such a natural thing. Is the interference of science really a good idea when there is no medical reason for the interference? There seems to be someone out there in every situation that is saying "yes you can" for the right price. Should we be a society where people can decide what sex they want their child to be for the right price? Are we going to be a society where wealthy people get designer babies? Are people going to go into financial ruin, just to have the gender of their choice? How much money will be spent, how many procedures will be performed and how many drugs will be taken to achieve the perfect child?  Are fertility specialists adopting the Burger King slogan "Have It Your Way"?

It would serve this mother right if her daughter was a tomboy who loved sports, fishing, playing in the dirt and hated the color pink!!

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