Chicago Teacher's Strike? Whose Side Are You On?

We are days away from a potential strike by the Chicago Teacher's Union. There is enough blame to go around that could probably circle the earth. The teachers, the teachers union, CPS administration and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are all responsible for the potential strike. Everyone and I mean everyone has behaved badly. They all may have good intentions, but they all have behaved badly and the children will potentially suffer for the bad behavior of adults. My support is behind the children. In order for children in Chicago to be successful, they need a school system.................

- In which the adults make decisions that put children first.
- Where fiscal responsibility is a requirement and not an afterthought.
- That pays responsible wages that reflect the constraints of its budget.
- Where its employees are paid based on their performance and not their existence.
- Where they can learn in a adequate sized environment, not 35-50 kids in a class.
- In which the proper resources are provided to every school, fairly.
- In which the teachers are ready, willing and able to teach on a daily basis.
- That adequately prepares them to compete with the rest of the world, not just their peers in Chicago.
- That requires parents to be educators of their children.
- Where top administrators are committed for more than a year or two.
- In which everyone (teachers, students, parents, staff) is respected.
- Where everyone works together towards the common goal of educating children.
- Where the basic needs of schools are met before salary increases are given to anyone. This means central office staff as well as teachers.
- Where teachers are supported by the top administration and are given the proper tools and resources to perform to the best of their abilities.
- Where teachers take full advantage of resources and tools available to make them better teachers.
- Where the principals' input is sought in major decisions regarding the education of children.

These are just a few suggestions (in no particular order) for the adults that will impact my children's education in the next few days. I'm sure that many of you could add to this list and you are welcome to do so in the comments section. Whose side are you on?

Thanks for reading!

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