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NY Schools Offer Students An Education And The Morning-After-Pill

The Plan B morning-after-pill and other birth control options will be offered to students beginning at age 14 at a select number of New York High Schools. According to the New York Department of Education, girls as young as 14 will be able to get the Plan B emergency contraception without parental consent. The program... Read more »

Should idiot-proof birth control options be recommended to teens?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is now recommending IUDs and hormonal implants as birth control options to teens. Previous possible complications from these two methods have been eliminated with the newer models. A government survey showed that 43% of girls Ages 15 to 19 are having sex. Currently, 95% of these girls are... Read more »

SEX SELECTION: I'd Like A Girl, IQ 163, Brown Eyes, Long Black Hair, 7.6lbs, Well Behaved & Completely Healthy

Apparently we are headed towards special ordered children. If you can choose the sex of your unborn baby, what’s next? What about hair color, eye color, behavior or IQ? The doctor mentioned in this article received a letter from the Vatican after he began to advertise that parents could choose the hair and eye color of... Read more »

Chicago Parents: Cast Your Vote For or Against The Teacher's Strike

Parents of CPS students need to be heard and acknowledged. Our children and our families are being greatly affected by the Chicago Teacher’s Strike! I support the great teachers of Chicago, but I do not support this strike. Every time I see a sign with a scathing message for Mayor Emanuel, I am more convinced... Read more »

Are Parents (Partially) Responsible For The Chicago Teacher's Strike?

Are parents (partially) responsible for the Chicago Teacher’s strike? My answer to that is yes but only some parents are responsible. One of the major sticking points in the recent Chicago Teacher’s strike is the new evaluation system. The new system will use a student’s test scores as part of the teacher’s evaluation. The teachers... Read more »

CPS New Evaluation System = CTU Buyer's Remorse?

When students achieve high test scores on standardized tests, the teachers get all the praise. However, when the students don’t do well on the standardized tests, they take no responsibility and the teachers start making excuses. I am a fair person so I will admit that some of the excuses are valid. Some of the... Read more »

Does your child attend a "Good" school?

Does your child attend a “Good” school? I think that this is a subjective question. Every parent has their own definition of what a “Good” school is. Some parents look at test scores, the school decor, the income level of families, teacher credentials, etc. There are a lot of factors that parents consider when deciding... Read more »

Chicago Teacher's Strike? Whose Side Are You On?

We are days away from a potential strike by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. There is enough blame to go around that could probably circle the earth. The teachers, the teachers union, CPS administration and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are all responsible for the potential strike. Everyone and I mean everyone has behaved badly. They all may... Read more »