What about the children of pot-smoking Moms?

Wow, I had not idea that my poll about Moms needing to smoke pot to deal with their kids would yield a result of approximately 2/3 of the people supporting the idea. Amazing!

After writing "Should women use pot to be better Moms?", I couldn't help but wonder what lessons these parents may be teaching their kids. I also wondered just how long they planned to smoke pot. When your child enters middle school he/she will learn about drugs and alcohol. Your child will know when you are high.

The first lesson that the pot smoking Moms may be teaching their kids is that if you don't like a law, you don't have to abide by it. Obviously, this first statement does not apply to the Moms who live in one of the 16 states or Washington D.C where pot is legal. When you don't respect the law, your children won't respect it either. If your child doesn't like the rules at school, are you ok with your child disobeying the rules?

The second lesson is that when you are stressed you can take this natural herb and it will reduce your stress. If you think that your teenager is not going to know that you are high, you are crazy. What are these parents going to do when their teenager comes to them and asks to smoke pot so that they can get through a difficult test at school?

The third lesson is that pot is not harmful to them and its safe to use. New research shows that 2/3 of new marijuana users are under the age of 18. It also shows that 67% of adolescent admissions for substance-treatment is for marijuana use. What are they going to say when the child comes home and says what they learned about pot in school? Smoking pot affects the teenage brain in various ways. Are they going to tell their child that what they learned about pot is not true?

It is not my intent to debate whether or not pot should be legal. It is a substance just like alcohol that can alter your behavior and thought process. In my opinion, parents should not use any substance that can change their behavior or alter their thought process in the presence of their kids. Parents should be present and in the right frame of mind so that they can handle any situation may arise involving their child.

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