Were the Olympians' Parents, Helicopter Parents?

A writer for the Huffington Post called some of the parents of the Olympians, "Helicopter Parents". One of the points that the writer makes is about the Raismans. While their daughter was performing, the cameras showed the mother making intense facial expressions and the father looking very intense as well. This is considered helicopter parenting? Give me a break! If the parents were on the sidelines, touching up hair and make-up, that would be helicoper parenting. I am not a fan of helicopter parenting, but this was not an example of it. Their child is representing her country in a worldwide event, of course they are going to watch intently. She has been training for this moment for the last four years! Does this writer realize the amount of time, effort and money that was invested by this family to get to this point?

Anyone that has had a child who plays sports, can relate to the crazy facial expressions exhibited by the Raismans. If you want your child to do their best at anything, you will do a little cringing when they don't succeed. Sometimes, you won't even realize just how much cringing you are doing. My kids play soccer and a lot of times I am on the sidelines chatting with other parents during the game. My husband asked me to record a game one day because he is the coach and he wanted to review the game. I was so embarrassed when I watched the tape because I was shouting and cheering a little too much for my own liking. These parents got caught up in the moment and I'm sure we all have at some point with our children. Even us non-helicopter parents.

These parents have seen less of their children than many parents whose kids are away at college. They are in school and training for hours everyday! Look at Gabby Douglas! Her mother cared enough to support her dream that she was willing to let her leave home and live with strangers in order to persue her dream! Helicopter parents don't give this much control over their kids to someone else. They are not that selfless with their kids.

There are very few people who can be as committed to a task as these Olympians and their parents, and they should be able to enjoy and celebrate their accomplishments. These parents should not be called "Helicopter Parents" just for supporting their kids and being excited. I hope to see just as much excitment from these and other parents at the 2016 Brazil Olympics!


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