Should women use pot to be better Moms?

There have been several articles written by Moms who smoke pot and are proud of it. They are so proud that they don't appreciate being judged by the Moms who drink. I'm not talking about Moms who are smoking pot when their kids aren't around. These women admit that they smoke pot to deal with their everyday parenting issues. Call me a prude, call me uptight, call me a mean b---- but I can't help but question any parent that needs any type of substance (natural, legal or illegal) to help them deal with their kids. Below are some excerpts from various articles.

1)One Mom states that "Weed takes the edge off of my fatigue-induced bitchiness. It helps me not care so much about things".

2)Other mothers chimed in, saying that weed helps them focus, makes them nicer with their kids, provides no hangover, and makes mundane tasks like laundry easier.

3)Whenever the mood strikes when she’s home — “I don’t travel with it,” she says — she’ll take a hit or two and transform into Mellow Mom. “When you’re smoking, you’re on a different level,” she says. “Things don’t frustrate you as much.”

4)"If I had been perfectly sober, I would have just taken a walk, thinking about what I needed to do next," Alice says. "I probably wouldn't have been all that engaged with my kids. But the stoned mama that I was that day made fun out of the mundane."

5)A Brooklyn mother agrees, “some moms are drinking very early in the day, starting around 4,” says Erica, whose name has been changed. “I would rather smoke a bowl, take the edge off and go about my day.”
The piece claims moms are using the drug for more than just unwinding, but also as a way to bond with their kids and experience the world from their perspective. “We have so much fun,” says Jennifer told the Post. “We read books and play and joke around and giggle.” Another mother noted that she felt it was easier to communicate with her pre-verbal child when she was high.

6)“We have so much fun,” says Jennifer (who stresses that she would never get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence). “We read books and play and joke around and giggle.”
That may be shocking to some people, but the reason this works so well for the moms is that sober toddlers and high adults are kindred spirits. They both crave junk food, they both take unplanned naps, and they're both amused by cartoons, peekaboo, jingling keys, or pretty much anything.

7)Every night, Margaret's two boys fly into the house after sports practice and flip on the TV, while she races to the kitchen to get dinner cooking. "It's that tedious witching hour when I feel incredibly frazzled," says the Tennessee singer/songwriter mom of a 6- and an 8-year-old. But instead of pouring herself a glass or two of merlot, she heads to the standalone garage next to their house for a few puffs of Humboldt Kush, one of the four strains of pot she smokes seven days a week. The drug helps her keep focus on the giant statue of popsicle sticks she's building with her kids and relaxes her so she can get through the rest of the night without stressing. "It can make folding a pile of laundry fun," says Margaret, 45, who asked that we not use her last name for fear of getting in trouble with the law. "If I didn't smoke, that'd be three piles later in the week."

8)"Being judged for doing something nontoxic and totally organic, enjoying a god-given plant, by moms who suck back two bottles of Chardonnay like sports drinks feels like s---," complains Margaret. "Any hypocrisy is hard to swallow. A drunk mother is pathetic and I often leave parties when I experience other mothers tying one on."

9)There are those who believe anyone who gets stoned while caring for a child should receive a visit from child protective services. But there are times when I find myself snapping at my now six-year-old son over normal foibles, or when I find myself too distracted by mundane household chores to sit down and focus on his needs, I’ve been able to apply the lessons I learned about parenting while stoned to parenting while sober (and impatient and grouchy). that I realize that my making a quick and discreet trip to the garage would do me – and him – a world of good. When I return to the house, my son is none the wiser. All he knows is that his formerly stressed out mother is suddenly willing to hunker down on the rug to play Legos for an hour.

10) “Kids are going to push your buttons,” Erica adds — so why not counter that with pot?
Nancy goes further, arguing that smoking pot might actually reap benefits for the children, as well. “This is a very high-pressure place, and increasingly, the world at large is just a pressure cooker,” she says.
“Parents bear a large brunt of it, because raising children is nearly impossible. It’s a lot of stress. I [try] to relax as much as possible in whatever way is possible. Kids pick up on that stress and it’s bad for us — and it’s bad for them.”

One mother states "In an ideal world, I’d be able to do all of these things without the help of an herb. But the world isn’t ideal. It’s full of overflowing laundry hampers, dirty dishes and unanswered email." Boo fucking hoo! If this is your reason for smoking pot, then don't have a kid!!! All of these women sound like whiny spoiled children. Some of our parents didn't have automatic washing machines or dishwashers so should they have used cocaine to cope with their kids? Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of a coca plant and for a time it was used in coca cola. Is this a good God-given substance to use? I would also like to point out that until recently, there were no drugs for hyper active children so parents had to deal with that too.

So parents should smoke pot if they don't want to play with their kid or don't know how to play with their kid. They should also use it if their kid causes them to be stressed. These parents don't need pot, they need a therapist or an adoption agency. They obviously lack coping skills and parenting skills. People talk about the poor and their lack of parenting skills. These people are worse because they are educated and should know better. They use their money to buy pot to make their life easier, or so they think.

My issue isn't really about pot, its about the fact that these parents need to alter their mood to deal with their kids. They lack important coping skills that are needed in abundance to raise children. I believe that some of these women have coping skills but they have a since of entitlement to have things the way that they want them. Therefore, they turn to pot instead of toughing it out and dealing with their kids in an unaltered state of mind.

I wonder how these women would feel if their husbands had to smoke pot in order to be nice to them or have sex with them.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section and vote in the poll below.

Tune in on Tuesday when I blog about the children of these women and how they may be affected.


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