300lb kid vs 135lb (or less) kid Is this fair? One Mom thinks so!

A Texas Mom was campaigning to get her child who weighs almost 300 pounds to play on a pee wee football team. The child was allowed to practice with the team for several weeks prior to the pre-season weigh-in when it was discovered that he weighed 297 pounds! Really people! The mother is mad because she said that her son was humiliated. That coach, who knew the rules should have known that this kid was well above the 135 pound league limit. The coach states "If they're over 135, they have to wear a symbol on their helmet, which is the X,". "So if they're an X-man they have to play offensive line, defensive line only."  The league's rule is any seventh-grader weighing more than 135 pounds is barred and must play in his school's league.

The kid doesn't want to play for his school league because the kids on the school team have more experience and he doesn't know them. If this kid wants to play pee wee football, this is his only option. His mother has made the following statements:
"No one is telling boys who are too thin or too small that they can't play football," she said. "Why tell my kid he's too big?

She added: "Isn't bigger better in football? Football is a contact sport. If you don't want your son tackled, get him off the field."

So this mother is ok with her 300 pound son tackling a kid who weighs 90 pounds or so! I understand that she believes that her son is a "gentle giant". A gentle giant is not so gentle when he is playing a contact sport like football. Her kid has the ability to kill or permenantly injure a child due to his size. She wants him to play so bad that she is protesting and demanding that he be allowed to play. How would she feel if her son hurt someone? How would she feel if he was allowed to play and all of the players on the opposing team refused to play against him? That situation would be more humiliating and traumatizing than what the boy experienced after the pre-season weigh in.

I can't believe that the coach is trying to defend his actions by saying that there are other kids that are above the weight limit. How much is too much and where was his common sense? They had to have all of his equipment special ordered because of his size. I can't believe that this was not a clue that this kid was too big to play in this league! This kid was at least 162 pounds heavier than the other kids, how can anyone think that this is ok? I'll tell you who. It's a coach who saw this huge kid as a way to help his team win and a Mom who has a sense of entitlement and who saw this as something her child could succeed at because of his size.

No one is perfect and we all have things that we don't qualify for, for various reasons. This kid happened to be too big for the pee wee football league. Someone else might be too short for basketball or be too tall for gymnastics. The coach needs to apologize to the child because, he should have known that he was too big to play. He set this child up for great disappointment and it was not fair. This Mom should be mad at the coach and realize that not having him play is the right thing to do. The Mom needs to give her son a hug and tell him to try out for his school team. Maybe the Mom can ask the coach to help him since he says that the kids on the school team have more experience. She also needs to explain the safety concerns of others to her son and that this may be an issue with his school team as well.

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