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How many CPS students will be absent on the 1st day of school? 35,000 were absent last year!

Last year CPS was dancing in the streets over a successful first day attendance record. The Track E schools had a first day attendance rate of 88.1% (Up from 86.8% in 2010) and the Track R schools had a rate of 94.7% (Up from 92.9 in 2010). If you take an average of the two... Read more »

Bad Parenting + Obesity = Junk Food Laws

People are constantly proposing new rules or laws to make up for the lack of parenting. These laws are affecting the parents who are properly raising their children. Why not propose some laws that punish parents who make bad choices when raising their kids? There are states that are banning junk food in schools. I... Read more »

300lb kid vs 135lb (or less) kid Is this fair? One Mom thinks so!

A Texas Mom was campaigning to get her child who weighs almost 300 pounds to play on a pee wee football team. The child was allowed to practice with the team for several weeks prior to the pre-season weigh-in when it was discovered that he weighed 297 pounds! Really people! The mother is mad because... Read more »

What about the children of pot-smoking Moms?

Wow, I had not idea that my poll about Moms needing to smoke pot to deal with their kids would yield a result of approximately 2/3 of the people supporting the idea. Amazing! After writing “Should women use pot to be better Moms?“, I couldn’t help but wonder what lessons these parents may be teaching... Read more »

Should women use pot to be better Moms?

There have been several articles written by Moms who smoke pot and are proud of it. They are so proud that they don’t appreciate being judged by the Moms who drink. I’m not talking about Moms who are smoking pot when their kids aren’t around. These women admit that they smoke pot to deal with... Read more »

Were the Olympians' Parents, Helicopter Parents?

A writer for the Huffington Post called some of the parents of the Olympians, “Helicopter Parents”. One of the points that the writer makes is about the Raismans. While their daughter was performing, the cameras showed the mother making intense facial expressions and the father looking very intense as well. This is considered helicopter parenting?... Read more »

Don't tell my child what to do!

Let me say that parents are a huge part of the problems with our youth today. They have taught their children that no one can tell them what they can and can’t do, not even the teachers at school. I volunteer at a high school and I can’t tell you the number of times I... Read more »

Parenting Is Being Outsourced! Is there not enough time or is it too difficult?

There are so many things that parents used to do that are being outsourced to others. It’s worse than all of the corporations that outsource their customer service departments to other countries. Parents can hire someone to do almost every parenting job imaginable. Here are a few things that parents are hiring others to do:... Read more »

Should Teens Take A Relationship "Break-Up" Class?

Boston health officials are putting on what they call a “Break-Up Summit” for teens. It is part of a national program called “Start Strong” which is aimed at preventing dating violence. According to Nicole Daley who heads Boston’s Start Strong program, a bad relationship can lead to depression, low self esteem, failing grades, an unwanted... Read more »