Walmart Flash Mobbers Raised By Wolves? That's too kind

After a party was disbanded by police in Florida, the group of approximately 300 teens thought it was a good idea to flash mob Walmart! Not the singing and dancing kind of flash mob. The teens stormed into Walmart. They stole snacks and drinks and destroyed $1500 anti-theft device. Many of the teens were recording the fiasco with their phones. The old saying that someone must have been raised by wolves, is too kind for these kids. Have these children been left at home to raise themselves for the past 14 - 18 years? I would have to answer that question with a "Yes".

What is the world coming to, when at least 300 kids think that it's a good idea to storm a Walmart store in mass and steal and break things? Why do people have children if they don't want to accept the responsibility of raising them? I ask myself this question, practically everyday. Many youth today are not respectful, kind or considerate. When did parents stop teaching manners and proper behavior?

A news reporter on a website said that these kids need jobs. Having a job is not going to make you have good sense if you don't have good sense. If someone gave these idiots a job, they would fire them before the end of their first day of work. Youth today think that they can say and do anything that they want to do. I don't know where they get this sense of entitlement from. Maybe we have too many parents who want to be friends with their kids or they are afraid of their kids. In either case, parents are not doing their jobs. Children are not being raised and that is proving to be detrimental to our entire society. Look at the crime in Chicago. There have been at least 284 homicides. If you think that some of these Walmart flash mobbers aren't on their way to being offenders or victims, think again!

Parents need to realize that when they don't raise their children, they will harm someone or they will be harmed by someone. The parents that actually raise their children have to spend a lot ot time trying to make sure that their children are not harmed by the children who were not raised. This has become a societal problem. It really does take a village to raise a child. I remember a time when any adult who saw you misbehaving, would tell you to stop misbehaving and you would do it. Today, parents have taught their kids that they don't have to listen to anyone. These kids will not join a mentoring program, the programs need to start directly with them. Parents, I urge you to talk to youths who are not behaving properly. Don't yell at them, just try to encourage them to do something positive. After all, they may not know any better because they may have been raised by wolves.

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  • In my opinion you and the "news reporters" you cite are close -- but only half way there.

    As we see the predominately elite, white, male convervatives desperately trying to cling to the last vestiges of privilege and status, duping their white working-class ethnic brethren to side with them along the way, what we see is a structurally user "unfriendly" socio-economic order ("capitalism") growing more out of balance.

    When you hear, "reduce government spending," "privatize the postal service" . . . that is code for, "why do the blacks and browns have those good paying jobs with better benefits than me"!

    The 60's and 70's DID see attempts to bring previously ostracized workers into middle-class America (dare I say "blacks and browns"), while seeking to redress past wrong through affirmative-action on college campuses, etc.. "Reparations" being off the table and most newly college educated whites not wanting the work in these "menial public sector jobs," civil service jobs provided a perfect solution to economically empower a new class while addressing the needs of a growing, post-war nation.

    Long story short, the cries of "reverse discrimination" that began under Reagan as Reagan-era policies started to erode the white middle-class have grown to the current fever pitch as the country transitions to a "majority minority" nation. Herein lies the problem.

    These "wilding kids," are the predictable and logical fallout the America's failure in addressing inner-city and rural poverty and will only grow worse as the segment of society that now feels "reversely discriminated" continue their assult on what is left of the economic base of a fledgling black/brown middle-class.

    As long as the likes of the "tea party" and the lunatics on the right keep doing the bidding for the elites and their "I got mine get yours," Ayn Randian socio-political perspective I do fear things will only get worse as poor and middle-class whites join "the wilding". You see this percolating in "red states" where the minority populations are low like in Utah and where "white, youthful mischief" rarely make national news -- unless they shoot up the place like today in Colorado (as early reports are suggesting).

    Bottom line: the country needs evolve past the class-based, colonial structure of the United States and evolve into the "it takes a village" promise of "America," and become a "user friendly" culture and society for ALL.

  • In reply to Ameriviking:

    Well said! This problem didn't occur over night and it will not be solved overnight. We can't keep ignoring this problem just because it hasn't landed on our door step, yet.

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