Bullying someone bigger and older than you? Parents, where are you?

A young child is in need of a serious and stern reality check and a few other things. The reason is because this kid is a bully. She is a serious bully because she doesn't care that her targeted victim is older and bigger than she is. A 14-year old was at a hair salon specifically for ages five thru 16-year olds. While waiting for her parents to pick her up, she was approached by a child who was around 9-years old. The child forced her way into the teen's seat while saying "Scoot over". This was not a couch or love seat this was a single chair that was meant for one person. The teen was using her i-Pod when the girl approached and invaded her space. The teen promptly pushed the child out of her seat. The teen was clearly older and bigger than the child but that did not deter this bully! Here's how the scenario played out.

Child: How did you get your i-Pod? Did your mama buy it for you?

Teen: No I bought it with my own money that I saved for a really long time.

Child: All those other kids over there, got i-Pods too.

Teen: Maybe they received them as a gift.

Child: They didn't get no gifts, they mama bought it for them. I don't have no money and I don't get money.

Teen: You can have a yard sale to sell your old toys or sell lemonade to make money.

As this conversation continues, the child keeps trying to grab the teen's i-Pod. At one point she actually takes the device from the teen. The teen puts the i-Pod in her bag and begins to read her book. The next thing she sees is the child holding her i-Pod that she has taken out of her bag! The teen snatches the i-Pod from the child and tells her that she shouldn't take things that don't belong to her. The teen put her i-Pod in her back pocket. The child moved on to another target who was not as nice as the first teen because she witnessed the unfortunate scene.

Back in the day, the famous line that people would say to bullies was "Why don't you pick on someone your own size". Apparently, that doesn't matter in this case because this bully was so out of control that she didn't care what size her victim was. What kind of home does this child come from? Does her parents know that she is a bully?

Lets all fight against bullying together. If you have a bullying story that you would like to share, go to www.teambullied.com and share your story!

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