6 Year Old Makes Women's Booty Pop

Warning: YouTube has deemed the video contained in the link as inappropriate and has restricted its viewing to users over the age of 18.

A 6 year old boy was filmed in a video singing "I Can Make Your Booty Pop". The boy is surrounded by women shaking their asses and gyrating. Where do I begin? His parents paid for the video in hopes that their son would become a famous rapper. Were the adults who paid for this and filmed this on crack? I realize that the economy has hit some people really hard, but do women have to stoop so low as to perform soft porn in a video with a child?

The following lyrics were posted on the DailyMail website:

I can make your booty pop, booty pop, booty pop
I'm the baddest boy in town, you the hottest girl around
We can have some fun tonight, cos we both feeling right
You can be my supergirl, I'm the one who'll rock your world

How do you introduce a 6 year old to adult situations and teach them to sing about adult acts? It kills me when I hear men talk about how they want their sons to be players. I'm sure this kid's father was so proud watching his son sing and having women in bikinis dancing around him. One scene in the video shows the boy shooting water at one of the women with a super soaker water gun. There are plenty of men who degrade women, but I have never seen it done at such a young age.

This kid has been exposed to too much sexuality and has been exploited by the adults around him. The women are shaking their asses in this kid's face. The boy seems completely comfortable in the video. There is no indication that what he is doing is not ok. These adults could have made this kid famous without making him infamous. If this kid gets a record deal, he will be exploited once more. No self respecting adult should give this kid a record deal based on this video. If the do, then they are condoning the inappropriate behavior.

Would his parents shoot the same video with their daughter surrounded by grown men in speedos?

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