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Bullying someone bigger and older than you? Parents, where are you?

A young child is in need of a serious and stern reality check and a few other things. The reason is because this kid is a bully. She is a serious bully because she doesn’t care that her targeted victim is older and bigger than she is. A 14-year old was at a hair salon... Read more »

5 Reasons why parents should not bring their kids (ages 7 & under) to late night movies

I took a lot of heat from a few vocal readers (in a previous blog) about my negative comments about parents bringing kids to the movies at midnight or just late at night. Here are 5 reasons why I think its a bad idea. 1) When you have kids, their well being trumps your desire... Read more »

A shout out to some heroes of the Colorado Shootings & their parents

I would like to offer my thoughts, prayers and condolences to victims and their families of the Colorado theatre shootings. While there were many heroes in that theatre, I am only going to focus on four. There were four young men who obviously had good parents who raised them well. These young men did something... Read more »

Colorado Shooting Reveals The Nominee For Worst Father Of The Year

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Colorado theatre shooting.  What a senseless tragedy!  While there were many heros that rose to the occasion in this massacre, there was someone who didn’t rise at all to the occasion. He actually ran away. Where do I begin?  Jamie Rohrs and his fiancee,... Read more »

Walmart Flash Mobbers Raised By Wolves? That's too kind

After a party was disbanded by police in Florida, the group of approximately 300 teens thought it was a good idea to flash mob Walmart! Not the singing and dancing kind of flash mob. The teens stormed into Walmart. They stole snacks and drinks and destroyed $1500 anti-theft device. Many of the teens were recording... Read more »

Parents, it's ok to leave a gym bag in a hot car, not your kid!

Every year approximately 38 children die from hyperthermia (heat stroke) because they were left in hot cars. While 38 may not seem like a large number to some people, 1 is too many for me. We are experiencing a record hot summer accross the United States this year and that does not bode well for... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel & Garry McCarthy: Chicago's homicide problems begin at home

The city of Chicago is getting all kinds of press over the number of homicides in 2012. There have been at least 259 homicides thus far in 2012. According to the Chicago Tribune , 55% of the victims and offenders have gang affiliations and a large number of the victims had arrest histories. Andrew Papachristos,... Read more »

6 Year Old Makes Women's Booty Pop

Warning: YouTube has deemed the video contained in the link as inappropriate and has restricted its viewing to users over the age of 18. A 6 year old boy was filmed in a video singing “I Can Make Your Booty Pop“. The boy is surrounded by women shaking their asses and gyrating. Where do I... Read more »

It Takes A Village To Help Prevent Suicide

Unfortunately, the issue of teen suicide has crossed our family’s path three times in less than a year. On a positive note, there has been only one fatality. Parents I urge you to do the following:   Talk to your child Urge your child to talk to you Do whatever you can to make them... Read more »

Spanking A Child = Mental Illness?

A recent study published in Pediatrics links spanking with mental illness in adults. The study suggests that 2% to 7% of mental disorders are linked to physical punishment. Out of 35,000 survey participants, 1,300 reported that they had endured grabbing, pushing, hitting and slapping. Physical punishment has been abolished in 30 nations but not in... Read more »