Kids, scholarships, and their 1% parents?

Justin Combs received a $54,000 scholarship to UCLA. Everyone has an opinion about it so here is mine.

The kid worked hard in school and earned the scholarship so he should keep it.  Everybody's panties are in a bunch because his father is part of the infamous 1%!  You can't open the newspaper or go on the internet without seeing something about the 1%.  This issue makes people upset because it seems like the 1% continue to get more and more out of life even when they don't need more.  Diddy could probably buy UCLA if he wanted to.

Denzel Washington's son John received a scholarship to Morehouse. Denzel told the school to give it to someone else because he could afford to pay his son's tuition. Denzel was told by the school that his son had earned the scholarship and that it was not his to give back. Denzel made a sizeable donation to the school worth more money than the scholarship.

It has been reported that Micheal Jordan's son received a scholarship while he was at the U of I and that Michael donated money to the school.

Schools don't have a limitless scholarship fund. Even though these kids have rich parents, lets not take away from their hard work. If kids excel in academics and sports to a level that exceeds their peers then they deserve these scholarships. The flip side is to question who was next in line for the scholarship? Was the next person the child of one of the 99%?  I think it's a good idea for Diddy to add money to the school's scholarship fund.  Just in case the next kid in line was the part of the 99%.

Issues like this give wealthy parents an opportunity to teach their children a lesson in empathy. There are so many young people who can't afford to go to college. Wealthy parents whose children earn scholarships should make sure that they understand that there are tons of kids whose parents can't afford to pay for college. They should tell them that they are proud of their achievement and that they will do their part to help the the less fortunate students.

Attention 1%ers, please donate some of your money to colleges and universities to help those that are less fortunate go to college.  If college tuition rates continue to soar and the economy does not improve, most students will owe so much money that they will have a life full of debt.


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  • People need to understand that athletic scholarships are based on athletic ability. They are not welfare based. Rich people have been doing this for years why it is a problem now? Sidenote: Jordan's kid was a preferred walk-on at U of I. He eventually received a scholarship. But then he quit the team.

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    I never said that scholarships are welfare based. I realize that rich people have been doing this for years. The problem is that there has never been such a disparity in income between rich people and common people than there is today.

  • I completely agree. I thought about writing about this topic myself. Those kids earned their scholarships. So what if their parents have money, the parents also control it and might choose not to spend it on any education.

    One point that I saw brought up in this matter was whether or not Combs the younger really deserved it. Word was his GPA wasn't that amazing and this may have been a lure by the school to get a big endowment from Combs the elder. Just a thought.

  • I read that his GPA was 3.75 which isn't bad if you are on a 4.0 scale. I don't doubt that his father was a big part of the school's decision. They probably thought about getting Diddy to do a concert on campus. A large Diddy donation was also a thought.

  • In the US now access to good education at an affordable price is in many cases the difference maker between being able to be successful.
    So yes when you give a scholarship to someone who does not need it financially then you subtract that amount that could be given to someone who does need it . Universities may need to rethink how they reward these scholarships.

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