Kids bully elderly bus attendant! Parents? Parenting?

A video of middle school heathens, I mean children bullying Karen Klein an elderly bus attendant has gone viral. The video was so awful that I had to take a break before finishing it. I was so disgusted and angry I couldn't think straight! My own kids begged me to turn off the video after about one minute.

According to — at one point, a student tells Klein that if he stabbed her in the stomach, the knife would go through like butter, because “it’s all f---n’ lard.” Another student asks her if she has an STD. One kid tells her that she doesn't have family because they "killed themselves because they didn't want to be near you." Karen's son took his own life ten years ago. How sad. Other insults included calling her fat ass, dumb, old ass and sweaty just to name a few. They ask her where she lives so they can urinate on her house. A kid touches her hair and pokes her stomach. It is horrible!

I don't want to hear any of these parents saying that their son is a good boy and doesn't behave like this. Bullshit!! This is not the first time these little monsters have bullied someone and it won't be the last time if they are not given a severe punishment!

I think that each kid needs to publicly apologize for each nasty thing they said to her. They should go down the complete list with their parents standing right next to them as they repeat every nasty thing they said to her. Here are some other possible punishments:

1) Loss of bus privileges, maybe they should walk to school
2) Expulsion from school
3) Gardening, car washing and snow duty at Mrs. Klein's house for the next year or two
4) Attend bullying workshops/classes
5) After school janitorial duties at school next year
6) Community service at a nursing home for a year

One father has stated that things have gone too far because his family has received death threats. You can't just say "he's sorry so leave us alone." Listen up Dad, I don't believe that anyone is going to physically hurt your badass kid. However, you are going to have to deal with a lot of crap for the next month or so, so just suck it up! This is part of the consequences of your kid's actions and your lack of parenting.

Where are the parents? I realize that any decent human being would be totally humiliated. However, in an effort to make sure that their sons are truly sorry for their actions, they need to make public apologies to Karen Klein. They don't need to complain about the public outcry against them because they deserve every second of it and then some. These parents should also be apologizing because they raised or shall I say didn't raise the little monsters that were totally disrepectful and mean to an elderly woman. These families should tire themselves out by saying that they are so sorry and so ashamed!

I truly hope that these parents will implement their own severe punishment in addition to whatever the school implements. I won't be surprised if they don't because some of them may feel as though their little bundle of joy has suffered enough by the public outcry against them.

Back in the day, when a kid got into trouble at school, it was a double whammy because he/she would get in trouble at home for misbehaving at school. Ahh, the good old days of old school parenting!!

Parents, please teach your children to be kind to others and to respect their elders. Society would be much better off, if parents did their job properly.


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  • Bullying is a serious concern, and parents need to know what their kids are doing. For more info on parenting resources, check out KidsPeace:

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    Thanks for sharing this link!

  • Clicking on the link, it was in Greece N.Y., a suburb of Rochester, no where near NYC. It is sort of like this occurred on the outskirts of Effingham, or Decatur IL, for instance.

    Either the area has gone to hell since I lived there, or the punks were doing it just for effect so they could post something on YouTube. I'm sure they got the inspiration from something more than Nelson Muntz giving it to Otto.

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    The YouTube post was very effective because their little butts are in big trouble!

  • My first thought when I heard about this is what's wrong with the parents? I can't even imagine how kids could turn out like this with even halfway decent parents.

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    They are parents that are not present or they are mean and bully their own kids.

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    Hello Tracy, you are on 100% on point, I agree with you. I am a Dean of Student Grades 6-12, this is so horrible that it made me sick to my stomach. Our elders is all that we have for knowledge and so many children today because of their lack of compassion and empathy their parents have taught them that anything goes. I would like to see not only public apoligizes but they need to all be expelled for one full school year for attacking an at rish adult. Society cannot every accept our elders being abused by anyone young or old, this is not okay and these parents truly should be held 100% accountable. Do not try to explain to society how wonderful your kids our, I have four daughters and they would never disrespect their elders, it begins at home and ends at home. All excuses aside these children need to be dealt with by their parents period.

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    It's always nice to hear from people who deal with kids on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I'm on another planet because so many parents make excuses for their kids. I was happy to read that the four boys are being expelled from school for one year and will attend an alternate education program. They will also be required to do 50 hours of community service with senior citizens. I still think they should mow Mrs. Kleins lawn, shovel her snow and wash her car. Thanks for reading.

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