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Let your kid discover that his/her parent is a jerk!

Divorce and break up from your significant other is very stressful. It can be even more stressful on your child. Many people hate each other when they split up. Sometimes they hate that person so much that they want everyone to hate that person, even their own child. Bad mouthing your ex to your kid... Read more »

Is your kid, the mean kid?

I want all parents to start paying attention to how their children interact with other children.  In the wake of the bus attendant incident, we all need to make sure that our children are not one of those “Mean” kids.  Make sure that your kid is being nice and plays well with other children.  I... Read more »

Kids bully elderly bus attendant! Parents? Parenting?

A video of middle school heathens, I mean children bullying Karen Klein an elderly bus attendant has gone viral. The video was so awful that I had to take a break before finishing it. I was so disgusted and angry I couldn’t think straight! My own kids begged me to turn off the video after... Read more »

Hey Mayor Emanuel, Can my teen smoke pot as long as I pay the ticket?

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel is expected to support a proposal that will allow police officers to ticket people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana.  What does this mean for our children?  Marijuana is an illegal substance in Chicago and the Mayor plans to remove the serious ramifications for possessing it.  How many kids... Read more »

12 Things My Husband Enjoys About Being A Dad

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and we have two amazing daughters ages 12 and 14. He has been an active Dad since the beginning. While I was pregnant with each child, he would lay next to my stomach and read to the baby in the womb. He was never a... Read more »

CPS Teachers Want A 29% Pay Increase! What the?

As the parent of two Chicago Public School students, I don’t want the teachers to go on strike. I would like for both sides to negotiate the new teacher’s contract in a reasonable manner. Both sides need to understand that they work for children. With that being said, how in the hell can the teacher’s... Read more »

It's A Graduation, Not A Football Game!

I can’t tell you how many graduations I have attended where parents and other family members are screaming and hollering when their student’s name is called. I always feel sorry for the next person in line because no one hears that person’s name. The graduation official will most likely stop calling names until the family... Read more »

Kids, scholarships, and their 1% parents?

Justin Combs received a $54,000 scholarship to UCLA. Everyone has an opinion about it so here is mine. The kid worked hard in school and earned the scholarship so he should keep it.  Everybody’s panties are in a bunch because his father is part of the infamous 1%!  You can’t open the newspaper or go... Read more »

Bad kids should be kicked off airplanes

Here we go again, with another family crying foul because they were removed from a flight because their kid could not behave. A 3-year old boy was fussy and wouldn’t sit still on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. The toddler was in his seat belt but continued to try to get out of it.... Read more »