Why is Facebook more concerned about your child than you are?

According to reports, 7.5 million children under the age of 13 are on Facebook. A whopping 5 million are under the age of 10! These numbers came from the number of parents who admitted that they were aware that their under aged child had a Facebook account. It may be fair to assume that this number is low because many children have Facebook accounts without their parents knowledge.

A report indicates that Facebook kicks out 20,000 under aged users every day! This is a minute amount of children when you think about the fact that 7.5 million are underage.

If Facebook sets an age limit for its users for the safety of its members, why are so many parents allowing their under aged children to get Facebook accounts? My answer to this question is one word. ENTITLEMENT!! These parents go through life acting as if rules don't apply to them and they are teaching their children the same thing. Can we expect these children to drive their parent's cars before they have a drivers license? Maybe these children will be drinking alcohol before they turn 21 at their parents urging.

There are rules and laws in society to protect our children and we as responsible parents should abide by them. The risk of cyberbulleying is high and children under the age of 13 will have a harder time dealing with it than children who are older and more mature. The threat of predators and identity theft are also issues of concern. I personally think that the Facebook accounts for anyone under the age of 18 should be on lock down. There should not be an option to share the information of anyone who is not an adult.

If parents allow their child to have a Facebook account, they should monitor the account. Parents should talk to their child about how to use Facebook. They should talk to their child about appropriate and inappropriate information to share on Facebook. I know some parents don't believe in violating their child's privacy. Your child's safety is important, so you might want to look at their Facebook account, every now and then.  It is very easy for your child to accept a friend request from someone that they don't know. Your child can be on Facebook chatting and sharing information with a complete stranger without your knowledge.

I find it very sad that so many parents are willing to let their child have a Facebook account at an age younger than the company recommends. Most of the parents that I know, don't monitor their children's Facebook accounts. Facebook has implemented policies that restrict children under the age of 13 from acquiring a Facebook account and parents are dismissing those policies. Some people think that Facebook isn't being responsible enough but apparently the parents of 7.5 million children think that they are too strict with their policies.

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  • This data shocks me, Tracy! 7.5 million! I think it's creepy that there are even 7.5 million children online period. Go outside and play!

    Sadly, the parents you're calling out will likely never see this. Those that do will say, oh, but that doesn't apply to me.......

    Thanks for being a voice crying in the wilderness anyway Tracy.

  • In reply to Julie:

    I'm happy to hear you say that. Most kids don't go outside and just play anymore. I couldn't believe there were so many kids online either. They could be using this time to do other things.

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