Why I enjoy being a Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday and I am a Mom so I must write about being a Mom. I have always wanted to be a Mom. It wasn't one of those things that I had to think about. I wanted to have 4 kids, until I got older and wiser and realized that 4 kids was a bit much. I should have realized a long time ago that 4 kids was a bit much because I am the youngest of 6 kids.

I am the Mom of two wonderful daughters. I have enjoyed helping them grow into great young ladies. They get along great and are very supportive of one another. I am told that my children are not normal in this area. I feel truly fortunate to have two daughters who are best friends. There are some days when I ask myself if these children are really mine. When they were babies, I loved reading to them and teaching them new things. I never talked baby talk to them, I always talked to them normally. I liked combing their hair and shopping for their clothes. I remember the first time I put their bare feet in the grass. I also remember the first time I let them touch snow.

When my oldest daughter was a baby she refused to say "Mama". She would always say "Dada". One day we were in Target and my husband and I heard her say "Mama", I got so excited and I begged her to say it again. She looked at me and smiled and said, very loudly "DADA"! She can still be a smart ass at times today. My youngest daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said "A Hug". Last Christmas, I received 3 framed photos of her giving me a hug. The caption on the photos read "Here's A Hug". A few years ago we planned a 3 week trip to Europe. After we told the kids about the trip, the next day the girls set their alarm clock to wake up early. They came into our bedroom with instructions for my husband and myself to remain in bed. They fixed breakfast and served us in bed and told us how much they appreciated everthing that we do for them. It's stories like these that make me enjoy being a Mom.

When your children are born, you work hard to raise them to be responsible, productive members of society. You hope that they make good choices. My heart gets all warm and fuzzy when they are in tough situations and they do the right thing. I have enjoyed watching them grow and learn how to love life. Life is good when your 12-year old still likes hugs and your 14-year wants to walk arm and arm with you in public. I have a great husband and two wonderful children and they help me to be the Mom I am today. I hope other Moms are as fortunate as I am.

Happy Mother's Day!

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