Are you off your parenting "A" game?

Most parents strive to be a good or even great parent.  Sometimes, things happen that you could not expect or control.  These things can cause you to be off of your "A" game as a parent.  What does being off of your "A" game mean?  I feel that I am off my "A" game when I don't have answers for my children.  When I have absolutely no clue what to say or do.  When I can't even make up an answer. I also feel off my "A" when I let my kids get away with things that I wouldn't normally allow.

Several months ago, I fell so far off my "A" game, that I questioned whether I was a good parent.  My daughter's classmate committed suicide.  She was devastated and so was I because I knew the kid as well as his family.  I felt crippled because I didn't know what to say or what to do. It was not a good feeling to experience. We had a very honest discussion about the situation and I told her that I did not have all of the anwsers. I had no "A", "B" or "C" game.

Some parents get worn out by their kids. They just get tired of the back and forth, day in and day out. Parents get tired of being the bad guy. They let their kids guilt trip them into believing they are the strictest, meanest parents on the planet. The guilt sets in and the parents lighten up on their kids and let them do things that they wouldn't allow before. Children can be very good manipulaters. Don't let your kids knock you off your "A" game.

I now have what I call "Summer Itis". I can't wait for school to be out and for summer to begin. My kids have been getting away with all kinds of stuff, lately. They have been staying up late, and doing homework at the last minute. I should be crazy, but I'm not. I seemed to have checked out of the hard-ass business. I even had a hard time forming an opinion about the the incident at the movie theatre in which a guy punched a 10-year old kid who was annoying him. Am I getting soft, or am I just off my parenting "A" game? Rest assured people, I will be back very soon! Hard-ass parent returning soon.



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  • In my book, you still playing your parenting A game! I suspect that perhaps you are just trusting your instincts and letting the rules slide for awhile. Sometimes our kids just need a little flexibility. Summer boot camp can start later. (My kids will be enrolled, too!) I can't wait to read all about your summer plans for them!

  • Thanks Crystal! We are winging it this summer. There is nothing planned. That can be good or bad. I will be sure blog about it if it's interesting.

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