Hey Ladies, Birth Control Is Not An Option, It's A Requirement

Ladies, ladies, ladies, birth control is not an option it is a requirement when you have sex before marriage.  Black children are being born at an alarming rate of 73% to single mothers!

Last week I wrote about a few professional athletes that had children out of wedlock.  Today I will focus on the women who had these children out of wedlock.

As for the women who get pregnant by professional athletes and other wealthy men, your self respect should not have a dollar value attached to it.  With all of the birth control methods available, an honest oops is not very likely.  Having a baby with any man, rich or poor is not going to make him love you or marry you if he doesn't want to.  Parenting is a tough job with two involved parents.  Single parents are constantly fighting an up hill battle because they are trying to do a job that was meant for two people, alone.

When a women gets pregnant by a wealthy man (or any man for that matter), her character comes into question.   Does she just want his money or is she trying to keep him?  If we are honest, more often than not the answer is yes.  In most relationships, the woman tells the man that she is on birth control and he believes her.  He trusts that she will use her birth control method properly.  If you are a very wealthy man and you like keeping all of your money, there should not be that much trust in the world!  The real tragedy is that neither of you handled your business.  The woman didn't want to because she wanted to have a baby and the man didn't because it cramped his style of sex.

New research shows that the number of children born out of wedlock has increased across all races.  According to Child Trends, in 2009, 41% of all children were born to unmarried women.  The percentage of children born out of wedlock by race is as follows:

Black 73%

White 29%

Hispanic 53%

According to Futureofchildren.org, children born to two married parents are less likely to suffer from a number of social and emotional problems.  According to research, if the same number of children lived with their married parents today as did in 1980, about 300,000 fewer children between the ages of 12 and 18 would repeat a grade, 485,000 fewer would be suspended from school, 250,000 fewer would need psychotherapy, 210,000 fewer would be involved in violence, and 30,000 fewer would attempt suicide. In addition, child poverty would be much lower.

There are consequences for your actions, ladies!  Your children are at a higher risk of the following problems:

  1. Repeating a grade
  2. Being suspended from school
  3. Being delinquent
  4. Exhibiting violent behavior
  5. Needing therapy
  6. Smoking at a young age
  7. Thinking of suicide
  8. Attempting suicide

With our education system in the tank, do we now have an idea as to why our children are failing?  Ladies lets do ourselves and our children a favor.  Have children after you are married and can provide a stable home for your child.  We all want the best for our children, so lets give them a great start by beginning their lives with two married parents.

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  • You did do the followup on the women, as you promised, but other than the paragraph on "When a women gets pregnant by a wealthy man (or any man for that matter), her character comes into question," didn't really get to the core issue of why the women have sex with the athletes, but seemed to focus on why they don't use the pill first.

    At least in the Kristin Cavallari case, I don't think that the pregnancy was unplanned.

    Jay Leno mentioned last night that football player Antonio Cromartie has 10 children by 8 women and should be inducted into the NBA (basketball) Hall of Fame. I'm sure it is more than 8 women failed to check if he had a condom, nor didn't remember to take the day after pill.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I'm sorry to disappoint you. There is so much to say on this topic. This blog was written and re-written. I actually wrote a paragraph on the fact that women just wanted a big payday. I deleted it and decided to focus on the effects of children.

  • I'm not sure what you're arguing here. Do you think women don't know about the pitfalls of single parenthood, but when they read this column they'll suddenly get it? No. These are women with no college degree and few economic prospects of their own, who are therefore making a completely rational choice. Even assuming that a "payday" is unlikely, it's more realistic to try to secure a steady flow of court-mandated child support than to try to rely on increasingly paltry government support systems, or (worse) a minimum wage job. PLUS...what about the athletes? They have access to condoms, and I have to assume they know how babies are made. So there must be some voluntary aspect of this on the part of the men too. Maybe they are looking for love, or status, or whatever. Not saying it's smart, though -- it's part of the same trail of poor decisions that leads so many pro athletes to be completely broke within a few years of the end of their careers. These are all smart people, but no one around them (schools, parents) ever taught them how to take control of their lives in a meaningful way, which I think is also a major reason why poverty is so persistent. In short, your column has absolutely no serious examination of what actually drives people's choices or behavior, and therefore it is not to be taken seriously.

  • "In short, your column has absolutely no serious examination of what actually drives people's choices or behavior, and therefore it is not to be taken seriously."
    I couldn't agree more, rational lady. It's as if the writer thinks that lack of enough righteous finger wagging ("bad!") is the root cause of all ills.

  • Black 73% + White 29% + Hispanic 53% = 155%
    Any issues with this?

  • In reply to lafayette:

    The numbers are as follows:
    73% of all black children are born out of wedlock

    29% of all white children are born out of wedlock

    53% of all Hispanic children are born out of wedlock

    These percentages are not to be combined.  They are based on the total birthrate in each racial group. 

  • Sorry to see that someone has paid attention to this nonsense. Statistics are skewed as that is the nature of statistics (I'm 1,000,000% sure of that). And it is sad that someone is so angry to attack women period. There are more important subjects to discuss and solve...but I'm on break and am allowed 10 minutes of stupidity...

  • I'm sorry that you see this as an attack on women. Men and women are responsible for the children that they produce. I would like for parents to look at the possible social and emotional issues that their child might face as a result of being raised in a single parent home. I see these issues in every public school that I enter. I don't need statistics to show me that this is a real issue and not ten minutes of stupidity.

  • In my opinion, you missed a big point to all this. A lot of these women are willing to get pregnant by these men because they see them as a cash cow. You have a child with a successful athlete and you've got a guaranteed income for the next 18 years.

    I remember when Michael Jordan was becoming popular. The media hid the fact that he had an 18 month old son. Juanita at that point, was not Mrs. Michael Jordan. Derrick Rose is probably viewed more "like Mike" so no one wants to put him in a bad light. One out of wedlock child is seen as an "oops."

    The knuckleheads who continue to have one child after another with different women should be seen as the pigs they are instead of their sports prowess, but the media will never stop salivating over them.

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