Bad Parents Ruined An Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is on Sunday, so its only fitting that I blog about Easter.  The Associated Press reported on a community in Colorado Springs, Co. that cancelled its annual Easter Egg Hunt due to bad behavior last year!  The bad behavior was exhibited by the parents, not the children.

How did this happen, you ask?  The Easter Egg Hunt was supposed to be for children only.  Several things went wrong, but none should have caused the drama that unfolded.  The sponsors couldn't hide the eggs so they were all in plain view and there were some technical difficulties with the bullhorn and the public address system was hard to hear.  There was confusion as to when the announcer said to go.  This should not have been a big issue.  All of a sudden, parents began climbing over the rope to help their kids get eggs.  All it takes is for one person to go in and the rest will not be able to help themselves.  The event was over as soon as it started.

I'm not sure what help the children needed because the eggs were not hidden.  Don't these parents realize that every egg that they pick up for their child, is an egg that could have gone to another child.  Silly me, they don't care!  The helicopter parents have hit an all new low.  Did these parents think that their kids were going to fail at an Easter Egg Hunt where the eggs were in plain view?  What does that say about their confidence in their children?  My child is not capable of picking up an egg that is just sitting on the ground with thousands of other eggs.  I must help my child, because if I don't, he/she will leave the Easter Egg Hunt empty handed and that will be the end of the world!  Did I mention that the eggs contained candy and coupons for local businesses.  Hardly anything so valuable that it was worth ruining the event.  Years ago, my children participated in an Easter Egg Hunt where some of the eggs contained cash and diamond earrings.  I might be less harsh on these folks if they were going for some diamond earrings.  Just kidding!

Good parents need to start calling out the bad parents.  If we don't, then no fun event for our children will be safe from drama.  The bad parents are already leaving their mark in schools, sports teams and other extra curricular activities.  What's next?  Will they find a way to ruin Halloween?

This event has taken place for years and I'm sure that there were a lot of families that enjoyed this event.  There are children who look forward to this event every year.    I wonder where these families had to go this year for their Easter Egg Hunt.  These families have lost a great event in their community because bad parents f**ked up the Easter Egg Hunt!

I'm sure that someone is going to comment that every parent has the right to help their child.  We all have the right to do a lot of things, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good idea.  Parents, let your children experience life.  Part of experiencing life means there will be ups and downs.  Every child should experience disappointment, it will make him/her a better person.


 Tune in on Monday for a special blog about education.  I finally got my questions answered by the CPS selective enrollment guru, Katie Ellis.

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