6-Year Old Handcuffed? Good/Bad School or Parents?

A six year old girl from Milledgeville, Georgia was placed in handcuffs and taken to a local police station.  The staff at Creekside Elementary School deemed it necessary to call police because they could not calm her down.  According to her mother, she has mood swings and we all have them.  The mother said that she was just having a bad day.

Here is what a bad day looks like for this kid.  She pushed two kids, ripped items off of a wall, threw furniture, knocked down a shelf that injured the Principal, bit a door knob, attempted to break a glass frame and was jumping on top of a paper shredder.  She pulled away from the police officer and began fighting with him.

As I read article after article and watched videos of her mother, I kept waiting to hear or read one thing.  That this child had some sort of disability.  Apparently she doesn't, she is just a bad ass and her mother thinks that it's acceptable to be a bad ass!  Her mother thinks that she just had a bad day and we all have bad days.  Her parents don't believe that she behaved badly enough to warrant the police being involved.

With parents like these, we all should be afraid to send our children to school as well as our family members that work at schools.  This child was clearly out of control.  Her parents don't seem to think that her bad behavior is a big deal.  I think that she needs to be evaluated.  The doctors may conclude that she is just a spoiled brat that gets to do whatever she wants to do.

School officials are at a disadvantage because there are specific rules on who and how a child may be subdued.  These rules are part of the reason that police are called in on some discipline cases.  I will say that I don't think that the child should have been taken to the police station.  She should have been handcuffed and left at school until her parents arrived.  The handcuffs could have been removed, once she calmed down.

This kind of behavior can not be tolerated and it should be a lesson to the other children.

Tune in on Friday to read about children born out of wedlock.

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    i dont understand how people could blame the police..clearly this child has issues and the parents should get a spanking for their behavior as well

  • I agree that the parents should be spanked. Maybe if they had done some spanking, their child would not be out of control.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Spanking is discipline. But not everybody believes in it. And that is why some kids are bad and disrespectful. Because Parents don't want to spank their kids.

  • In reply to MrAbelLewis:

    To spank or not to spank is the question. Even if you choose not to spank, you need some sort of discipline.

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    First, I think society has lost its mind! I'm a paralegal student, about to go to law school. Our U.S. Constitution prohibits this sort of police action against a minor [under the age of 15], and no where is it written in any state or federal law which gives that authority in reference to a child. Sadly, I see race as a culprit here. If this little girl was white, how would the school and/or authorities act.

  • In reply to Raymond Grant:

    Raymond, I think you raise an interesting point. There would be more outrage if the child was white. The problem is that parents aren't raising their children (black & white) and outbursts like this are becoming more common in schools. Outbursts such as this one creates an unsafe environment for everyone.

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