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11 Things Good Parents Do For Their Kids

Good and Bad Parents is a blog that reflects both sides so today I will write about Good Parents. I came up with a list of 11 things that Good Parents do for their kids. The list is not in order of importance and it is by no means complete. Tell your child “No” Teach... Read more »

Hey Ladies, Birth Control Is Not An Option, It's A Requirement

Ladies, ladies, ladies, birth control is not an option it is a requirement when you have sex before marriage.  Black children are being born at an alarming rate of 73% to single mothers! Last week I wrote about a few professional athletes that had children out of wedlock.  Today I will focus on the women... Read more »

Thanks Derrick Rose For (potentially) Adding to the 73% of Black Children Born Out of Wedlock

It has been reported that Derrick Rose and his girlfriend are expecting their first child.  I used the word “potentially” because their is still time for Derrick Rose to marry his girlfriend before their child is born. Do I expect Derrick to be a role model? Hell yes, but only to his own child.  Parents... Read more »

6-Year Old Handcuffed? Good/Bad School or Parents?

A six year old girl from Milledgeville, Georgia was placed in handcuffs and taken to a local police station.  The staff at Creekside Elementary School deemed it necessary to call police because they could not calm her down.  According to her mother, she has mood swings and we all have them.  The mother said that... Read more »

McDonald's isn't making your kid fat, but maybe you are!

McDonald’s has become the whipping boy for people who are complaining about the childhood obesity epidemic.  They have been sued for making kids fat, misleading nutritional claims and most recently for including toys in their Happy Meals that make kids want to eat unhealthy food.  A California judge threw out the most recent lawsuit several... Read more »

My (sort of) fake interview with (CPS Selective Enrollment Guru) KATIE ELLIS

I call this a fake interview because I was told to send my questions via email and that Katie Ellis would answer my emailed questions.  The questions and the answers are real and accurate.  I have added additional comments in italics under Katie’s answers because I was unable to have a real conversation with her.... Read more »

Bad Parents Ruined An Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is on Sunday, so its only fitting that I blog about Easter.  The Associated Press reported on a community in Colorado Springs, Co. that cancelled its annual Easter Egg Hunt due to bad behavior last year!  The bad behavior was exhibited by the parents, not the children. How did this happen, you ask?  The... Read more »

Parents play drinking game with their 10-year old (April Fools Day Blog)

What is this world coming to? I realize that parents don’t want people telling them what they can and can’t do with their children but these parents need some talking to! There was a family that enjoyed drinking and they wanted to share their love for drinking with their daughter. The parents were playing Mario... Read more »