What's up with guys showing their draws in public?

Several months ago I wrote a blog about girls dressing provocative and I stated that the guys were not being let off the hook, so here we go!

I don't get it!  Why do guys think its ok to display their underwear in public?  It just looks nasty to me.  There seems to be something unsanitary about it.  In various movies and television shows you see fun being made about guys underwear having a brown stripe.  What if there is a brown stripe in the draws of the guy in the seat next to you on the bus?  Is there fecal matter residue in the seat when he leaves?  There have been rumors that this fad started in prison as a way for the inmates to let other inmates know that they are available and interested in sex.  I don't know if this is true or not because I have never been a male inmate and it is impossible for me to ever become one.

I would like to know why parents allow their sons to show their draws in public.  Some parents may not know that their sons are wearing their pants at their knees but some do.  Would parents be ok with their daughters wearing their skirts and pants at their knees?  Hell no!!  We need to stop having double standards for our children based on their gender.  Self respect has no gender.

The pants are worn so low that guys can't walk straight.  Every time I see a guy wearing his pants low, I am tempted to walk up to him and slap him and then take off running.  I'm not worried about being caught because they can't run very fast with their pants down at their knees.

Boys and young men should not look like they are auditioning for a Chippendales show. Parents, stop letting your sons show their draws in public, because its nasty!!


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  • I see you're quick on the draw.

  • Maybe they want people to see their cool underwear.

  • i think its cool having men showing there underwear in public

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