Were your parents, good parents?

Were your parents, good parents?  I wondered about that myself, so I gave it some thought.  If I had to give my parents a grade, what would it be?  I think I would give them an A-.  As I thought about my life growing up in a family of eight, it was pretty crowded.  My parents had six children! I don't know how they did it.

I am a different parent than my parents in some aspects.  My Mom always tells me that I give my kids too many choices.  When my Mom would take me shopping for clothes, she would hold up an item and say "Do you want the red or the blue?".  I think about that question every time I'm out shopping with my girls and they are taking f**king forever to make a decision about what they want.  My parents believed in the old saying that "Children should be seen and not heard".  I believe in letting my children express their thoughts and opinions as long as it is in a respectful way.  My Mom always made me refer to her friends as Mr. or Mrs. Brown.  I will never allow my children's friends to call me Mrs. Stanciel.  It makes me feel so old.  I do understand that there should be a level of respect, so I tell the children to call me Mrs. Tracy.  To this day, I don't call my parent's friends by their first names and I am a fully grown woman.  My parents rewarded me with money when I brought home good grades in school.  I don't believe in rewarding children for doing what they should be doing.  That's just like people always giving praise to single dads.  Hell, single mothers are raising kids everyday and nobody is singing their praises.

Why did I give my parents an A-?  In my opinion, they had too many children.  I wish that I had more time with my parents when I was growing up.  We had a lot of family time together, I just wish that I had more one on one time with each of them.  Don't misunderstand me, I truly love most of my siblings. :) We had a lot of family fun and we still do.  When I am spending quality time with my children, I often think about why I couldn't have done this with my parents.

Parents come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles.  Part of who we are is determined by the two people who came together and created us.  There are some good parents and some bad parents but I think they all have good intentions.  Some parents don't know how to parent.  In fact, most of us are just winging it!  There isn't a great manual that lists every possible scenario about parenting and what to do.  Most people craft their parenting from various sources.  They may take a little from their parents, friends and their own personal style.  Some people parent the complete opposite of their parents because they did not enjoy their childhood.

If more time was my only regret from childhood, I would say that my parents were pretty good parents!

I would like to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts about your parent's, parenting in the comments below or on my facebook page.

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