Parents who take their children out of school to go on vacation

There are parents who take their kids out of school to go on vacation.  I'm not talking about having the child skip school on Friday for an extended weekend.  I'm talking about taking a week or two for vacation because one of the parents couldn't take time off of work during the child's winter, spring  or summer break.  Poor Mom or Dad!

These parents expect the school to give their children excused absences from school while they are on vacation.  A child can be held back a year in a CPS school if they have too many unexcused absences.  You are entitled to excused absences from school for illness, death or religious holidays, not F**king vacations!  Theses types of parents also expect the teachers to give them the work that the child will be missing in school.  When teachers at one school refused the request for work, the parents complained to the principal.  Entitlement at its best!  I will take my vacation when I want to and you will accommodate me.

A friend of mine, granted a request for two weeks of school work while a family went on vacation.  When the child returned to school, the work had not been completed.  The parent told the teacher that she gave too much work.  The teacher explained that the child was given all of the work that would be completed in school as well as homework.

I realize that some vacations can be very educational.  I can't put a value on the education my children received from a three week vacation in Europe.  A vacation we took during summer break!

Taking a vacation during school can affect your child's grades.  When you decide to take a week or two of education from your child, you need to be responsible for your decision.  You need to become a teacher for that time.  If you requested school work, then you need to teach that material.  You chose not to have that material taught by a professional teacher when you took your child out of school.  If you don't want to accept this responsibility, then don't take a vacation in the middle of the school year.


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  • My parents told me when I was little they took my sister and I out of school a week in January after winter break. They said it was much cheaper and less crowded to travel not in prime time. But, my mother was very diligent about speaking with our teachers beforehand and helping us with our work while we were gone.

  • Taking your kid(s) out of school to go on vacation is truancy and it costs your school money in lost federal funds. Here is what the Chicago Public Schools says: "One of the primary causes of student failure in school is poor attendance; thus, daily attendance is essential for student success in school. Increased student attendance also results in increased State funding provided through the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding formula."

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    Thanks for the CPS info. Parents don't realize that their decisions have consequences outside of their little bubble of life.

  • OMG!!! I could go on all f'n day on this $hit! I know way too many lazy ass parents that do this crap every freakin year! It's total bullshit. Selfish! My kids have perfect or near perfect attendance.(unless legit sick day) I don't go for the mental health day bullshit. Get off your ass, get the F*ck out of bed, get your kids to school you lazy ass m'f'er's!!!!

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    Just a warning. When I was little I was in all honors and advanced classes up until I graduated. I missed class all the time and it never made a difference. And the kids who had perfect attendance in these classes were teased and by high school either completely rebelled against their parents or became extremely uptight individuals with OCD. So a mental health day every once in a while isn't the worst thing in the world. Just saying'.

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    Thanks for a differnt viewpoint. I just did this 2 weeks ago with my kids. We had the best time, visited family, saw mountians and caves and scenery, visited The Louisvile Slugger Museum, and bonded in a way that school can never do. It was a spur of the moment trip due to unexpected $ and time, and I am not sorry one bit. They learned while on this trip- not book learning, but hands on, life experience learning. I did not expect teachers to bend over backwards to accomodate us, and both boys worked very hard the week after to catch up on their work. We decided this together and talked about the consequences of losing a week of school. Please don't lump everyone into the same category on this topic. I would not even dream of calling the nay-sayers narrow minded, self-righteous meddlers.

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    I agree 100%

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    Before having my daughter, I was a Kindergarten teacher. I would often have parents talk to me about family vacations. My response was always...they will be in school for a quarter of their lives. Take them away. Spend time with them. In my opinion, family time is so much more important than what they will miss in a weeks vacation. However, PLEASE do not request that your child's teacher prepare a week's worth of work...and then not do it!

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    I must say, I am very surprised to hear a teacher in support of missing school to go on vacation. Would you feel the same way if you were a 7th grade teacher in a Chicago public school?

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    Anyone who chooses to teach 7th grade and their biggest annoyance is parents spending time with their kids on vacation, is insane and needs to get a life.

  • The majority of school teachers are people who had no idea what to do with their lives and chose teaching because it's an easy degree. Everyone I knew in college with an education degree was looking forward to the summers off. And since we are so far behind compared to other countries in science and math, yet we put more money into education than any other country, I think the overpaid babysitters at schools can roll with the punches on this one lol. I think school teachers in America are so lazy and half assed that I could care less about entitled parents. Especially if their kid is in some public school with 20 kindergarten classes. Hell the teachers probably don't even notice or care in most cases.

  • OMG, you guys have me LOL! First of all I think everyone is entitle to do what they feel is best for their children. I don't think anyone that is intelligent themselves uses the F word, that is VERY disturbing. I take my girls out of school every year for 4 days to go to Disney World, because it's too darn hot and expensive to go in summer and my husband can't get summer days off anyway. Our school systems are so inadequate that it really doesn't matter whether they miss a week or so. My oldest daughter is in 3rd grade and is testing out in EVERY subject at 5th grade levels due to us as parents working with her NOT the school system. The school system offers her no challenges and therefore really what does it matter that she misses a few days here and there? She's obviously extremely smart despite the trips to Disney every year! Why not let everyone decide what works best for them? Who died and made you God, or whom ever it is you think you are judging other people?

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