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Were your parents, good parents?

Were your parents, good parents?  I wondered about that myself, so I gave it some thought.  If I had to give my parents a grade, what would it be?  I think I would give them an A-.  As I thought about my life growing up in a family of eight, it was pretty crowded.  My... Read more »

What's up with guys showing their draws in public?

Several months ago I wrote a blog about girls dressing provocative and I stated that the guys were not being let off the hook, so here we go! I don’t get it!  Why do guys think its ok to display their underwear in public?  It just looks nasty to me.  There seems to be something... Read more »

Are you raising an "entitled" child?

I have encountered many adults who act as if the rules of the world don’t apply to them.  In the last few years I have encountered children who act as if the world revolves around them.  I wonder if these adults and these children are related.  Could they be the parent and child in one... Read more »

Hey Jean-Claude Brizard (CPS CEO), I am the parent of a SEHS applicant!

For those of you who may have been in a coma for the last two weeks, or don’t have school aged children, thousands of CPS eighth graders received letters offering them a seat at a selective enrollment high school or a rejection letter.  There are nine selective enrollment high schools.  (Whitney Young, Jones, Payton, Northside,... Read more »

Parents who take their children out of school to go on vacation

There are parents who take their kids out of school to go on vacation.  I’m not talking about having the child skip school on Friday for an extended weekend.  I’m talking about taking a week or two for vacation because one of the parents couldn’t take time off of work during the child’s winter, spring ... Read more »