Parents are responsible for homework, not CPS/Schools

Parents need to take some responsibility for their children's education.  Some parents expect CPS to do too much with regards to educating their child.  Parents are constantly blaming CPS when children aren't doing well in school.  Today I will share a few of  what I consider WTF moments regarding homework.

There was a discussion about the infamous longer school day.  In discussing what to do with the extra time, a second grade parent suggests that some of the time be spent having the teacher help the children do their homework.  Parents are responsible for helping their children complete their homework.  If you are having an issue getting your 2nd graders' homework completed, you are in trouble my friend.

Parents are up in arms about the amount of homework they can expect with the longer school day in CPS next year.  They want the longer day to be filled with recess, art, music, drama, foreign language, yoga, etc.  If you are not using the time to increase classroom time in core subjects, you can't expect the amount of homework to decrease significantly.

A middle school teacher says that students who are missing multiple assignments will not go on the field trip.  How is it that 6th graders are not completing homework assignments?   Parents today, have an option that was not available years ago.  Its called "Parent Portal".  Any parent can go online to the Parent Portal and look at their child's grades.  You can see if your child did not turn in a homework assignment.  I am a college graduate and I never knew that there was an option not to complete any assignment that was given to me by a teacher.

A high school teacher assigns a take home final exam.  The students had one week to complete the exam.  I don't know about you, but when I was in school, I loved these types of exams.  Only two thirds of the class completed the exam.  Parents, it is STILL your responsibility to make sure that your teenager completes his/her homework.  This teacher has to deal with the fact that 1/3 of the students failed the final exam.  I would be willing to bet that these students did not have an "A" average before the final exam, which means this teacher will be issuing some "Ds" & "Fs".  Most people would question why 1/3 of students in a class are not doing well.  This is a situation where it is not the teacher's fault.

I have heard parents complain for years, about too much homework.  These same parents have their kids in sports and other activities after school.  I have never heard these parents complain, that extracurricular activities were interfering with homework time.  They say just the opposite.  They are complaining that the late dismissal next year, will cause the time spent on homework to interfere with sports and other activities.

Helping your child do their homework is part of parenting, it comes with the territory.  A big part of the homework drama has to do with time management.  Most children don't know how to manage their time properly.  Parents need to teach them about time management if they don't learn it at school.  My children were required by their school to purchase a daily planner in 5th grade.  They were required to write every assignment and due date in their planner and it was their responsibility to keep track of the due dates.

People make time for the things that they want to do.

I am relying on my children's education to make them successful, not sports!



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