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Can having dinner as a family, prevent your teen from using drugs and alcohol?

What happened to old fashioned family dinner time?  We live in an age where everything is fast-paced and electronic.  Families dine in their cars after visiting fast food restaurants instead of eating at home.  When families do eat at home, everyone is doing their own thing.  Someone is watching TV, someone else is working on... Read more »

Should schools charge students fees for breaking school rules?

The Noble Street Charter School Network has been in the news recently because they assess students fees if they break school rules. Here is a quote from the Chicago News Cooperative website: The Noble Street Charter School Network collected $188,647 in fines, which it calls “fees,” during the 2010-2011 school year across the 10 high schools... Read more »

Can Your Teenager Have Sex In Your Home?

In a recent Huffington Post article, Debra Ollivier wrote about parents’ opinions regarding allowing teenagers to have sex at home.  To my surprise, there were parents who actually support the idea!  Here is an excerpt from the article that made my eyes bulge and my hair stand up. Those “open-minded people” make up the second... Read more »

Parents are responsible for homework, not CPS/Schools

Parents need to take some responsibility for their children’s education.  Some parents expect CPS to do too much with regards to educating their child.  Parents are constantly blaming CPS when children aren’t doing well in school.  Today I will share a few of  what I consider WTF moments regarding homework. There was a discussion about... Read more »