Why do teenage girls dress so provocative?

Why do teens and tweens dress so provocative?  Parents are you ready for the answer?  They dress this way because you allow it!  Young ladies can't wear provocative clothing if their parents don't buy provocative clothing.

Parents stop caving in to the madness that is supposed to be fashion for teenagers today.  Your daughter is not holding a gun to your head, (at least I hope not) demanding that you buy her provocative clothes.  Its your money and you choose what to spend it on.  Actually, even when it is your daughter's money, you still get to say what she spends it on because she lives under your roof and you are the parent!  If your daughter goes shopping with her friends and you are not present, you should inspect her purchases.  If there is something that is inappropriate, you should take her back to the store so that she can return it.

I am sick and tired (yes I went there) of looking at young girls showing cleavage and butt cheeks.  I'm not going to discuss the camel toe issue.  Girls are wearing their clothes  so tight that it seems as if they can't breathe.  While volunteering at a school, I was selling school uniform shirts to the new students.  Every girl wanted to buy a shirt that was one or two sizes too small.  I had no problem telling them that I was not going to sell them a shirt that was too small.

Teenagers should look their age.  They are not supposed to look sexy.  How many of you want a grown man lusting after your daughter because she is dressed provocatively and she looks like a grown woman?

I realize that teenagers can be creative when they get dressed.  Girls want to cut jeans into short shorts.  They want to cut a slit in their t-shirts so that their cleavage shows.   Girls want to cut holes in their jeans to show a little skin or a trace of their underwear.  Its hard for them because there are so many ads in magazines and on TV that are displaying provocative clothing.  Stores like Abercrombie & Fitch have receive negative press for selling padded bikini tops for young girls.  It part of a parents' job to filter and discuss the things that their children are exposed to.  Parents need to let their daughters know what is acceptable and what is not.

Teenagers will be teenagers so they may change their clothes after leaving home.  I get it!  Most teenagers that change clothes and put on make-up after leaving home, at some point will forget to return to their original look before coming home.  I believe that if you instill the fear of consequence in your kids, these sneaky episodes will be minimal.

As parents, it is our job to teach our daughters to respect themselves and to demand respect from others.  When teenagers dress in a provocative manner, they are inviting disrespect from males young and old.

Don't worry parents, your sons have not been spared.  In the future, I will address the issue of boys and young men showing their underwear, eeewwww!



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  • Unfortunately, it is because we have sexualized our children. As a society we've taken away our kid's childhood and forced on them an assumption that they are just small adults, not children.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    You are correct. The saddest part is that our children are losing their innocence. There is too much on TV and in print that children are exposed to.

  • I think a better question is why do teenage girls WANT to dress provocatively? If you have to start monitoring and censoring their outfits, you're already behind in my opinion.

  • In reply to annekip63:

    Part of it is peer pressure and boys. Girls feel pressured into looking and acting like the popular girls. We all know that the boys are interested in the girl who is showing the most skin.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    I have three smart, attractive, intelligent teenage daughters. Thankfully none of them feel the need to dress so provocatively. I'm hoping it's because they feel confident enough not to, but maybe I just got lucky.

  • Interesting that the link at the Chicago Tribune to your column is just to the left of a link to "who's hanging out at Chicago's hottest clubs" and that's just to the left of "Chicago Hottie." All 3 links have a head shot of a woman (or teen) with bare shoulders. Sex sells, and it inundates our culture. As long as this is what women are rewarded for, and what drives women (because it drives men,) this is what we'll get. Provocatively dressed teens.

  • In reply to blucinic:

    Here here, blucinic, as that is exactly what I noted, too. That irony is not lost here.

  • In reply to blucinic:

    Those damn ads!!!
    How can we make sex not sell? There was a time when some men and women were turned off by loose women. Now, men are excited and women envy loose women.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Don't disagree with you. However, in this PC age, it is very, very difficult for a man to comment constructively to a young woman on this topic. No matter how tactful you, it will not be received well. Now, I can comment to my own children, and some to my own 18 year old daughter. But there are limits. It seems sexist, but again, it is hard for men to say much to women. This is even more so across generational gaps. One other challenge: it is difficult for women who once dressed provocatively to say much to their offspring. My wife, who modeled some in the day, has to say, "do what I say, not what I did." This undercuts the strength of her words, at least a bit.

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    Nothing new. Your parents were complaining how you dressed just as their parents complained about them.

  • In reply to Kevin J:

    The needle has moved, though, Kevin. What was provocative to me in my teens and twenties (20 so years ago) is down right prudish now. How far will that needle go, I wonder.

  • In reply to Mary Tyler Mom:

    I hope it stops soon or somebody will be naked!

  • In reply to Kevin J:

    I think this generation has gone too far. They are bordering on nudity and that is unacceptable. It's one thing to go from a generation of ankle length skirts to knee length skirts. To go from above the knee to showing your butt cheeks is too far!

  • Miley Cyrus. There you have it in a nutshell.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    We have wholesome Disney to thank for that character. Society has made parenting much harder.

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    "Why do teen girls dress so provocatively?"
    Because they're teens. It's what they do.

  • In reply to Poindexter:

    So are we supposed to accept it as fact and do nothing about it?

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    In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Not what I said.
    The question was why do teens do it. The answer is: because they are teens. They are filled with rampaging hormones, they are experimenting with their identity and discovering sex... these things are natural, not evil.
    Our role as parents is not to repress their nature, but to make sure it has a positive result.

  • This will not stop until women, yes, WOMEN, stop buying magazines and watching tv shows filled with other women who look exactly like oversized versions of their slutty looking teenagers. Don't you get it? These young girls are desperate to grow up to look exactly like the rich and famous young women they see in the media every day. Like it or not, women are the ones who maintain this sleaze empire and only they have the power to stop it.

  • In reply to oreodog:

    I agree with you. It seems to me that a lot of women in our society have lost their self respect. They are raising their daughters to not have self respect. This is a shame!

  • In reply to oreodog:

    Agree, 100%.

  • I would just like to note (as the mother of three teenage girls) that they don't ALL dress provocatively. Those are just the girls you notice.

  • In reply to annekip63:

    I never said that ALL teenage girls dress provocative. Also, to comment on your previous comment, even your best teenage girls may put on an outfit that you don't like. They may try to wear a skirt that they have grown out of. You as a parent must step in and say that it is inappropriate. That is monitoring and in my opinion every parent should pay attention to what their child is wearing.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    If I felt they were wearing something inappropriate I would (and have) absolutely say something, but I didn't think that was what you were getting at in posing your original question.

  • I think the bigger question is: why do you and so many others like you care so much? Times change. To your point, parents ought be better policing their children, but at the end of the day, if it isn't your kid, mind your own business.

  • Does Chicago Now have any editors? Yikes.

  • In reply to marmar:

    Apparently, not with a command of the English language! The readers, however, are repeating the article's title using correct grammar. Congratulations, readers!

  • Because there is money to be made. What, are you anti business?

    We have been sold a bill of goods and we pass it down to our children. The good and the bad. But the only vote that counts is the one you make with your wallet.

  • I totally agree with this article. I have had so much trouble finding my daughter decent clothing for years. Even ten to fifteen years ago the clothing worn by tween and tween girls, and even grown women wouldn't have been acceptable. The majority of female clothing has become downright tacky. The ironic thing is that a female (regardless of age) looks so much better when dressed appropriately. We care because we live in a society that enables the degradation of young girls and young women by objectifying them as sexual objects, and there are plenty of us that don't like seeing that happen. I am the parent, and I won't allow it to happen to my child.

  • In reply to hummingbird:

    I agree 100%! Shopping is a chore because there are a lot of tacky options for young girls. Young girls should look like girls, not like grown women!

  • Special thanks should go to Brittany Spears and Madonna for the change. That's when it started.

  • In reply to Chaz1:

    The media continues to glorify these people.

  • That's when it started?? That's hilarious, thanks for the laugh, Chaz1. I believe "it started" sometime around 10,000 BC.

  • "Why do teenage girls dress so provocative?"

    Because GROWN FOLKS make, sell, and promote these garments.

  • In reply to MrsMommy:

    There is money to be made by any means necessary!

  • The world seems to have two extremes. You have the Iran, Afghanistans of the world where the teens are not allowed in co-ed schools, have to dress from head to toe and you have the western world where the teens are allowed to dress in short shorts, tight t-shirts because it is a part of independence.
    I think it all boils down to the neighborhood and how comfortable the girl with what she is wearing. If there is sufficient 'policing' and 'fear' from the 'trustworthy' adults, then what the girl wears can be changed. Otherwise, this topic is always going to be a nightmare for parents.

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    I am a 16 year old and I view these perverted things and this "sexy" kind of thing is because of the media. If you think about when they publicized TV and they would show "the sexy adults" and since the majority of people saw that on TV they changed their style towards this when the women just wanted to have attention from the people who want to be "like them" that sexy body showing, that's what we want right? This does have a bad effect on some of the boys in high school too they can't respect or see a spark of emotion in love because they kinda just want to get laid and the girls showing off themselves. I understand that I can not change this though, I can't make women stop wearing what they believe is fashion and is a joy though. Women wear these things to show off their bodies but back in the day that was just a nice dress just to show the cute curves :). As a guy I find it hard when I'm in school not to keep looking at girls who are showing a lot though because it is temptation when my hormones are going crazy. Respond to my thought. Cheers :)

  • In reply to Chadd Espin:

    Chadd, you sound like such a nice young man. Your parents should be proud. You are correct about the media being the cause of the young girls dressing this way. Society and the media needs to realize that women were sexy back in the day too. They wore nice dresses that showed their curves but didn't show a lot of skin. I appreciate your honesty about being distracted by the girls at your school. Schools should have stricter dress codes. If they had stricter dress codes, young men such as yourself could be even better students than you already are, because you would not be so distracted by the half dressed girls. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you will continue to read my blog.

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    People say girls are showing off to much skin but to be honest i see more girls that are covered then showing off and i live in florida another thing why is a guy allowed to wear whatever he wishes why can he be shirtless you think women are not looking yea right all this comes from society and culture everyone judges everyone as if they are any better as a humen being why don't mothers and especially fathers raise their son to apperciate a women to take care of her. not the father telling the boy go son get the girls make me proud. son your a man now why is it ok for a boy to be with all the girls from the school but bad for a girl sexist society. im really starting to dislike my culture it's little boys are brain washed to think it's okay to go around and be with girls but the female has to stay in the kitchen and clean the house no no please i live my life the way i want to live it if im not hurting anyone else why is it any of your business that's another thing people are being raised to bully for the way a person is and to be involved in everyone's business. boys you are not animals you can control yourself fathers raise your boy to be a man not a little boy to repect women even if they are naked. boys always say because im a man and guess what i am a girl and that's not an excuse. raise youe children to respect themselves first so they can respect others. the way a person dresss should not matter this all comes from the society and people's mind what happened to the innoncence.

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    What i wear has nothing to do with guys i wear what i like and feel comfortable in i dont even think to impress a guy and dont wear what people say is fashoin i have my own style. but i can see a guys view point on this. i think it's a person's choice at the end of the day.

  • I agree that young girls as well as young boys should dress appropriately. That being said if the reason you're against a girl dressing provocatively is due to how grown men and teenage boys react then the problem lies just as much in the males. It's obvious teenage boys have raging hormones. So what? Girls' hormones are just as bad if not worse than boy's hormones. That doesn't give a girl the right to lose respect for a boy due to his dress and likewise it doesn't give a guy the right to disrespect a girl. Not respecting a girl because she's dressed provocatively is a cop out and something that needs to be addressed. I for one am tired of people saying boys just want to get laid like it's no big deal and then turn around and say girls should dress conservatively so as not to distract boys.

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