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The Bears do not need Jay Cutler to be "elite"

The Bears do not need Jay Cutler to be "elite"
I want Jay Cutler to succeed. I want him to be one of the obvious five best quarterbacks in the NFL. I want him to put up fantastic numbers every week, but very few quarterbacks in the NFL are actually capable of achieving this. While he certainly possess the talent to still reach this level... Read more »

Bye week blues? 8 cures to save your Sunday [Slideshow]

Fantasy Football indulgers should have no problem during any week of the NFL season. Keeping track of all the goings-on should easily occupy anyone seeking to become a fantasy football wizard.
After getting used to a consistent hook-up of Bears over the last five weeks, Chicagoland is now stuck in bye-week hell. No Bears fix for any of this week- so what are we to do? Here’s a few suggestions to help you through your Bears-less Sunday.