7 creative ways to set the draft order for your fantasy football league

7 creative ways to set the draft order for your fantasy football league

As the start of the NFL season approaches, fantasy owners are likewise preparing for a new season. This means analyzing your draft slot, and preparing for what your league-mates' strategies will be. This is hard to accomplish, though, if your league has not yet set its' draft order.

For leagues concerned about entertainment, and having some fun along the way, using the previous seasons' standings, or simply pulling a name out of a hat, seem alto boorish to even bother. Here are seven creative ways to add some comedy to your league's draft-ordering:

  • Ticket battle: Head to an arcade. Preferably, you would avoid an adult venue, such as a Dave and Buster's or a Gameworks, and find somewhere more geared towards youths; a Chuck E. Cheese, or Enchanted Castle (which my league opted for) as an example. Every owner brings $20 for tokens, and cashes that in at the same time. You then have a time-limit (we went with an hour, but finished much quicker), and whoever earns the most tickets out of $20 of tokens earns the first choice of draft slot. On top of that, pool everyone's tickets together afterwards. The winner of the competition also wins the right to decide how to spend the league's pile of tickets. This worked well for my league; there is plenty of randomness involved, and it was a fun twist that still allowed for strategy. Plus, everyone walked away with an inflatable sword and shield.
  • Egg hunt: A non-biased third party would have to hide the eggs. Keep it simple, and each egg can have a draft slot inside of it (one egg per member of the league). To step up the competition to a new level, add more eggs holing clues to where the egg containing the number one slot is hidden. Make this a very difficult egg to find. The more clues you find, the more likely you will be to find the number one slot. If you find an egg with a lower number, you can either leave it where you found it, or accept that slot.
  • The "Outlast game": Pick out a "film" that any decent-minded person would have a hard time watching in its entirety. I am an avid horror movie fan, but even I could have done without ever seeing The Human Centipede... let alone the sequel. Something like this, or for those true masochists out there, Two Girls, One Cup, would be an excellent choice. The first person to walk away, or stop watching, earns the last draft slot choice. Whoever outlasts the others wins their choice of draft slot. In the event of a tie for the win, draw straws or pick cards out of a deck.
  • Beard-growing: Hopefully this option is not possible for any fantasy-playing ladies out there. Perhaps women could substitute body hair (legs and armpits) for beard growing. In any case, have every member of your league go to a 100% clean shave on a specified date. The first player to shave takes the last draft slot, and so forth till only a victor remains. This idea works for leagues that are not able to get everyone together in-person as well. Owners can send in daily or weekly photographs to all the other members to ensure honor is being kept.
  • Stupid feats: Other options for leagues with out-of-towners would include any number of tortuous contests, that could take place via Skype or recorded video. Who can put the most rubber bands on their face is 90 seconds? Who can hold a 9-volt battery to their tongue the longest? Who can eat the most fiber bars, or chug laxative, before giving-in and exploding? These types of options are endless; it's up to you how far you want take them.
  • Games: Although playing a game may be an obvious suggestion to some, the fun of a beer pong tournament, kickball home-run derby, a night of Risk or Monopoly, or any number of video game competitions, should not be underestimated, especially when everyone is battling for draft-supremacy.
  • Betting: A simple, yet fun, way to spice-up setting your draft order is to find something to bet on. Whether you use the NCAA tournament, the Kentucky Derby, the home-run derby, the NHL or NBA playoffs, there are a countless number of options here. A great "betting" idea would be to take the league to a little league game, set a point value for every potential stat, and have each owner pick one little leaguer as their player. At the end of the game, add up the points, and the children will have set your draft order for you.

Obviously, not all of these suggestions may help for 2013, with limited time now available before fantasy drafts themselves must take place. Hopefully some of these ideas get you thinking. If anyone has other crazy ideas they have used, or considered implementing, please share them.

Fantasy football is meant to be fun, and if we pretend that it is not already goofy, then we certainly are not fooling anyone. Setting the draft order should be no different- get creative and share your tale.


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