NFL Draft: 10 things less perplexing than the Bears' first round pick of Kyle Long

NFL Draft: 10 things less perplexing than the Bears' first round pick of Kyle Long

Shocking essentially everyone following the first round action of the NFL draft yesterday, Bears GM Phil Emery selected Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long with the 20th overall pick. With a wealth of other talent still available on the board, at positions in which the Bears still have needs, Emery opted to to pounce on the guard (or tackle?) that most did not have going until the second round.

Perhaps Emery is a genius, and this pick will turn into the signature move of a productive career for him here in Chicago. Perhaps this pick turns into a bust, confirming the doubts that many have about Long today. Only time will tell, but as everything stands now, I give you ten people, places, or things that are less perplexing than the Bears' drafting of Kyle Long. Every item on this list is easier to understand than what Emery was thinking yesterday.

10) The Bears drafting Shea McClellin with last year's first round pick

9) Sabermetrics

8) The math in Darren Aronofsky's "Pi"

7) Fans invested in the Bulls' 2013 playoff run

6) Ozzie Guillen

5) Calculus

4) The reelection of George W. Bush

3) Metaphysics

2) Justin Bieber's stardom

And the number one thing less perplexing than the Bears drafting Kyle Long in the first round is: Hawk Harrelson's immeasurable concept of TWTW; his imaginary "the will to win" statistic.

Perhaps that is what Emery sees in Long: the will to win. If that is the case, we must hope that Hawk Harrelson is not just a crazy old baseball cook, refusing to face the logic staring him in the face. I am not sure I want to hold my breath on this one...

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