High on sports- a 4/20 look at athletes on marijuana

High on sports- a 4/20 look at athletes on marijuana

Recent legislation has given a new meaning to the otherwise pseudo-holiday that is April 20, and the day has grown to be more of an event than ever. Keeping in the theme of the day, here is a look at how a certain green herb has influenced sports throughout the years.

Although Doc Ellis pitching a no-hitter while on LSD may be the single greatest achievement in sports history, the tales of weed in sports is much more comical, and surely less amazing. Everyone will remember this infamous Michael Phelps bong photo from 2009, which incurred a public apology from the Gold medal-winner.

Perhaps Phelps is one of the athletes who finds that smoking marijuana before competing helps him focus, as this ESPN article from last year explores. Or perhaps he falls into the other category; athletes that just smoke pot. The Bleacher Report lists 25 pot-smoking athletes, including Marshawn Lynch, Bill Walton, Tim Lincecum and, of course, the NBA.

Complex sports put together this compilation of the 25 greatest stoner athletes of all time, which includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and The Governator Arnold Schwarzeneggar (yes, kids, Arnold was once a body builder).

This post could not end without a hometown name or two. 670 the Score's Dan McNeil once speculated about former Blackhawks' winger Dustin Byfuglien during the team's 2010 Stanley Cup run. Byfuglien had been known for coming to camp out of shape, and generally disappearing to the backwoods of Minnesota during the offseason, though McNeil cited the player's alleged "man boobs" as his primary piece of evidence.

There was nothing to speculate about, however, on December 4, 2008. On that day, former Chicago Bull Corey Blount (yes, its pronounced "Blunt") was arrested with what eventually turned out to be 29 pounds of marijuana.

So there you have it; from bongs to mass quantities of ganga, marijuana may be a quiet part of the sports world, but it is there. For those you partaking in the days' events, know that some of your favorite athletes may be accompanying you.

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