Fire Lovie now! -The meatball approach

This post is the first in a series of three, aimed at breaking down the current Lovie situation. Today's addition, the meatball approach, will look at this issue from a standpoint filled with fire and passion. Tomorrow's post will take a logical stance on why Lovie should be fired. Friday's installment will remind everyone why we should not fire Lovie. Where is the truth? Well, that is for you to decide, but I think there are legitimate truths to be told from each perspective. In the end, it just depends how you like to roll your dice.

Lovie must be fired- Meatball Edition

The Bears need to fire Lovie Smith- not at the end of the season, not after debating it for another month; NOW. After Sunday's loss to Minnesota, Lovie said the team ran out of time. If you knew time would be important, Lovie, then why the hell would your team still be huddling-up on offense with less then five minutes left in the game when you are down by 14 points? Do you not have a snippy, belittling response to that?

Lovie usually takes the blame for things like this, saying something like "That is on the head coach," before then turning on the questionnaire and talking down to everyone the rest of the press conference. What he should be saying is "I lost that damn game with my knack for indecision and pathetic time management." What about running the ball? Remember when the Bears, as Lovie so often reminded us, "got of the bus running?" Lovie does not. As soon as the Bears were down 14-0 in the first quarter, the head coach practically deleted the running game, and later claimed that "the score dictated [the offensive approach]."

With three plus quarters left, the Bears' head coach had so little faith in his own team that he effectively negated the running game and took to the air. This sounds like the action of a head coach who questions his own team's ability and is desperately trying anything to pull out a win and pocket another lottery check with a playoff birth and a new contract. Any coach, let alone a Bear head coach, who casts aside the running game with three quarters left is a moron. Use some balance, play hard, and battle back to win the damn game. Lovie's decisions constantly look like a white flag, waving frightened in the wind.

The frustrations do not stay on the field either. Week after week, Lovie speaks to the media as though the reporters, and their audience, are complete morons. Meanwhile, on the field, the team cannot get plays in on time, has not looked prepared for a game in over two weeks, and continues to whittle away a 7-1 start. Lovie is a choker and a failure. 2006 was a fluke; that defense simply had one of the best seasons a defense ever will, and Lovie "the Illusionist," rode it to a Super Bowl loss and turned it into a lot more money and too many more years in Chicago.

The Bears have won one game against the Packers since acquiring Jay Cutler. The Bears have failed to make the playoffs four out of the last five seasons, and now they have lost four of five games. In two of those games, the defense held the opposing offense to under 100 passing yards... and they still lost. So what if the Bears beat the Packers this week? Who cares if they win the next two games against Detroit and Arizona to follow? The Bears choked-away a 7-3 start last season, and have almost completed their masterpiece: choking-away a 7-1 start this season. This team will wet the bed if it somehow makes the playoffs, and that is one extra game that I can do without.

While I do not logically want Lovie losing any of these upcoming games, because something stupid deep inside me carnally wishes for Bears' wins, I, emotionally, would rather he lose them than win them. This team will not advance in the playoffs. This team should not be allowed to make the playoffs. If Lovie finds a way to retain his job with the remainder of this season, then I want to hibernate through every month till he is gone. This team has talent, but not enough of it, and the head coach is only making things worse at this point.

Do not give Lovie a chance to win another game: fire him now and allow anyone else- Dave Tobe, Mike Tice, Rob Marinelli- to mismanage the Bears out of the playoffs the rest of the way. Get a better draft pick, fire them all, and let us hope that Phil Emery was a better hire then Jerry Angelo, and believe that he can rebuild this team quickly; first by selecting the head coach of the team's future.


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  • I say wait for the Packers to stomp them, and then there would be more evidence. There isn't any rush, as the Bears will still have to pay him through 2013.

    I see that Rosenbloom wrote today that the Bears haven't had an offensive minded coach since Ditka, which is part of the current problem.

    Back when the Dick Jauron business was going on, I asked Al Harris (the Bear who sat out the Super Bowl season), "is there anyone on the offense who could coach this team?" He answered, "Surprisingly enough, Jim McMahon," to which I replied, "He's too nuts." Of course, the opportunity to get Jim Harbaugh passed.

  • I agree. There's a lot of factors here; stay tuned on these next two upcoming posts in the topic. There's many angles here, and keeping Lovie may still be the best option.

    I think we can all agree, though, that its a shame the Bears passed on Harbaugh when retaining Lovie a few years ago. It would at least be interesting to see what he'd be able to do with this roster.

  • Excellent take, but its actually Toub.

  • Whoops- good call. Thanks.

  • Phil Emery came from scouting and was willing to inherit a coach for one year in his first GM gig. But I don't think he took the job willing to keep Lovie for two years. I think the ax will come in the offseason, though.

    P.S. Lovie has a 31 percent challenge record - fifth worst in the NFL since 2004.

  • Couldn't agree more. For a team that has been relatively competitive over the course of Lovie's career, why have we missed the playoffs so many times? He is 79-62 as a head coach, which is really good. But in 8 years, he's only made the playoffs 3 times! If we don't make it this year that's 3 playoff appearances in nearly a decade?? How can you have that record but be so inconsistent? Get him outta here

  • Well said. Overall, despite his good record, the "Lovie era" has been disappointing. It was great to make the Super Bowl, but he's failed to adapt, or win enough big games, since, and including, that game.

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