Halloween: A look at sports history on this holiday

Halloween: A look at sports history on this holiday

Although this particular Halloween offers Chicago fans nothing more than the opening game of what is realistically a meaningless season of Bulls basketball, the sports world has been busy on this day in years past. Here is a list of the most interesting occurrences in sports on this other-worldly day.

1999- Jesse Martin, a yachtsman, completes his 11-month, non-stop and unassisted trip around the world

1988- the first ever NFL Monday night game is played in Indianapolis (Colts topped the Broncos 55-23)

1987- Chris Antley becomes the first jockey to win nine races in one day (four at Aqueduct and five at the Meadowlands)

1983- Pappa Bear, George Halas dies at the age of 88

1973- Tom Seaver becomes the first pitcher to win the NL Cy Young with fewer than 20 wins (his "meager" stats: 19-10, 2.08 ERA, 251 strikeouts in 290 innings, and 18 complete games)

1968- The Milwaukee Bucks win their first game ever (they defeated Detroit 134-118)

1943- Washington Redskins Sammy Baugh passes for six touchdowns against the Brooklyn Dodgers

1921- the first woman's track and field association (Federation Sportive Feminine International) forms


And of course, my "meaningless" comment will come back to haunt me, and the newest addition to this list shall read:

2012- the Bulls defeat the Sacramento Kings in a NBA record landslide 254-78

In any case, there will be more to come on said "meaninglessness." Until then, happy Halloween, and let each of us scare someone today in honor of the Pappa Bear.

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