ATTN: Bears fans- Shut up! [Cutler should be praised]

ATTN: Bears fans- Shut up! [Cutler should be praised]

Anyone who has a problem with what Jay Cutler said yesterday is an idiot.

Following the Bears' season-opening victory against the Indianapolis Colts (41-21), Cutler had the following to say:

"Please, please, please let's tone it down a little bit when we're down in the 20. You're more than welcome to yell and scream and do whatever you want to do after we score, but please; let's go ahead and quiet the stadium down and save it for after we score. Thank you. That's my PSA."

Thank you, Jay Cutler. On behalf of uneducated Bears fans everywhere, I apologize for our ignorance. I understand that we Bear fans are not used to a dynamic offense. I understand that we are not used to seeing a QB with the ability, and freedom, to react to the defense in front of him and effectively audible. Basically, Bears fans do not know how to act at football games, and it took Cutler three seasons and one game till he finally said something. However, are we not familiar with the term "act like you've been there before"?

We watch other football games. We see how Patriot, Packer and Saints fans act when their offense has the ball. Unless half of Soldier Field was screaming at the other, cheering half of the stadium to "shut the hell up," I am embarrassed for the way Bears fans were represented Sunday. What Cutler is asking is something that should have already been taking place. He wants to win. We want them to win. Keeping your traps shut while the QB is communicating with his offense, and perhaps baiting the defense, makes reaching this mutually-beneficial destination that much easier.

The fact that the quarterback of the team had to address this situation is also inexcusable. Thankfully, and in part, I would think, to take some of the heat off of Cutler, Lovie Smith made similar comments today:

"There's a general rule: When our defense is out there, that's the beauty of having a home crowd... When we have the ball offensively, we would like for our crowd to be as quiet as possible then. Of course, we would love for you to cheer right after the play, but in between, when we're trying to communicate, yes; we definitely need [the crowd] to be quiet then."

Was the gentle enough for you, or will the same fans chastising Cutler now go after Lovie?

Finally someone who should have said something, did. Perhaps Lovie's comments will reach through to the meatballs and this will no longer be an issue. Cutler has proven that he does not require near silence to succeed- just look at yesterday's performance, or any of his success at Soldier Field- but if we Bears fans can make winning any easier for our team, then that is our duty, and blatantly doing the opposite is disgraceful and appalling.

Here is my final statement, and what Cutler should have said yesterday: Bears fans- if you don't understand football, stay at home where you can cheer- and eat, and burp, and scream, and say dumb things- as loud as you want throughout the entire game, at your own discretion, without me having to make you feel like an ass-hat in retrospect. Thank you.


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  • In this whodunit, the Cutler did.

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    Yup- he said what needed to be said

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