Lincoln Park Observations from a Starbucks Window

Lincoln Park Observations from a Starbucks Window

Starbucks are phenomenal places for people watching; if you haven’t yet had the privilege of non-creepily observing passersby in Chicago, I highly recommend it as a form of free and amusing entertainment. With the original intent of getting some work done and catching up on my correspondence, I had parked myself in a window seat last Saturday actually thinking that I would be productive. Capitalizing on the most original form of procrastination – the daydream while staring out a window – I started to write down my unique (and not-so-unique) view outside this Lincoln Park Starbucks. Naturally, it made sense to put these observations in a coffee-mug-shaped word cloud and I present the below for your consideration. This is my Lincoln Park on a Saturday afternoon – is it yours?


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