10 reasons to visit the Chicago History Museum

10 reasons to visit the Chicago History Museum
Super excited to be on a postcard

As a self-proclaimed “Lincoln Park Lifer," I’m ashamed to say that, until today, I had never visited the Chicago History Museum. Every time I rode past it on 22 or 36 I’d say to myself, “I should really check that out” but never got around to it. Well, my friends, it’s been six years and I finally checked it out. Here are 10 reasons why you should too:

  1. The dioramas are legit
    These aren't the standard shoe box and Lego guy dioramas of your childhood. Think lighting, sound, moving parts, and tiny hand-crafted figures. You know, the diorama the really smart kid in your class would have built but times 100.
  2. The old “L” car smells like the 1900s
    Or does it? You’ll have to go inside to find out.
  3. Free coat check
  4. You can put your face on a Chicago postcard
    I think this was part of a children’s exhibit...
  5. You can brush up on your Spanish
    A surprising number of exhibits have text in both English and Spanish and the audio tours are available in both languages as well. !Que bueno!
  6. The Chicago History Museum hosts more events than the Cubs have losses (ohhh snap)
    Bus tours, pub crawls, family events, film screenings - you name it. They’ve got it.
  7. Sweet volunteer opps
    Training includes “artifact handling sessions” (AKA the dream)
  8. Illinois resident discount days
    Admission is only $14/person and $50 for a year-long membership for two. If you’re still not convinced, admission to the museum is free to us locals during a handful of days throughout the year - plan ahead!
  9. The gift shop has this
    And this…and this.
  10. Chicago’s history is pretty awesome
    Even if you’ve read Devil in the White City, know what all the stars on the Chicago flag represent, and have taken architectural tours by boat, bike and segway - you will learn something new. Promise.

I may have gone on hyperlink overload with this post. Don’t let it deter you – just go!

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