Play games online, help charities win

Play games online, help charities win

Back in the day, I used to play Free Rice like it was my job. Finding idle time as an undergrad, I couldn’t think of a better way to procrastinate doing my homework than with a game that proved the capaciousness of my vocabulary (ok – I used Shift +F7) and fed the hungry at the same time.

Finding a rare, free moment as I procrastinate wedding planning, I wondered if Free Rice still existed (it does) and what other games were out there in the same vein. (Apparently a lot).

A quick Google search led me to a number of sites that link online gaming and social activism. The ones that stood out most to me were Games That Give and Games For Change. They’ve partnered with major brands, benefit charities and causes large and small, and give you something to do when matching glittering gems or breaking colorful bricks is the only thing your brain can handle.

I think love this concept and can’t wait to see the extent to which games fuel social change in the future.

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