The best volunteer opportunity for animal lovers

The best volunteer opportunity for animal lovers
"Mimosa" a cute puppy at ARFHouse Chicago

I’m having dog withdrawal. Having grown up in a home with at least one dog at any given time, it’s hard to live in the city without a furry friend to come home to.  I tell people, “my lifestyle isn’t conducive to dog ownership” and it’s true. Leaving home early and coming home late isn’t fair to a dog stuck inside all day and I look forward to the day when all workplaces allow dogs in their offices – a girl can dream.

Until then, I recently found a way to get my dog fix in without actually owning one. I’ve heard of dog sharing (perhaps a bad idea) but volunteering with an animal welfare groups seems much more tangible. Enter ARFHouse Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter with a slightly different approach. They say:

ARFhouse Chicago is different from other shelters because we put an emphasis on taking in animals that are often overlooked because of age, breed or medical issues. We feel that we need to be the advocates for those animals who do not have anyone fighting for them.

Yes. These are the animals in greatest need of help and often the ones that are hardest to place in “forever” homes. If you’re like me, and searching for a way to share your love for animals without being able to own one, I highly recommend checking out their volunteer opportunities.  As an added bonus, they delineate volunteer opportunities by skill (dog walking, PR/advertising, marketing, grant writing, graphic design, event coordination, fundraising, and sponsorship) to help you figure out the best level of your involvement. I’m looking forward to learning more and will keep you posted on how it goes!

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