Recycling for multi-unit residential buildings

Recycling for multi-unit residential buildings

Dude. Did you know that your Chicago multi-unit residential building (AKA apartment/condo) is required to offer residents a recycling program?! It’s true. A quick search about it on the Google machine led me to the City of Chicago’s website (also here) with the following language:

“Under the Chicago recycling ordinance, multi-unit residential building owners, governing associations and/or condominium boards are required to offer residents an effective recycling program.”

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.  Why then, am I guiltily throwing away cereal boxes and pop cans because my condo building doesn’t offer anything? Apparently the ordinance isn’t well-enforced and you can imagine why condo associations and building owners wouldn’t want to incur the expense likely associated with the extra pickup.

I’m at a loss because I don’t want to rock the condo association boat (I’m renting) but it’s clear I have the law on my side. Any advice out there about whether or not to start this process?

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