I can’t believe I missed the TEDx events this weekend

I can’t believe I missed the TEDx events this weekend
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I’m annoyed.

Not one, but two TEDx events happened in Chicago this weekend and I was too lazy to go to them.  (I know.) This wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t watch a TED talk every morning before work. (I know.) And that one of the events was just $20 and one brown line stop away from me (I KNOW.)

What’s my deal? I call it Chicago Weather Syndrome (CWS).

When it’s nice outside, the entire city can be found on one of our lakefront paths, playing Frisbee on an open patch of grass, eating alfresco, or doing one of the abundant outdoor activities available to residents of this great city. When it’s cold outside, we stay in. We justify choosing bad movies on Netflix, rationalize that watching HGTV is being productive, and assure ourselves that ordering in sushi is helping to stimulate the economy.

I have a terrible case of CWS and I fear I’ve let it take over my life.

As I write this first ChicagoNow blog post I promise you this:  I will not let CWS get in the way of sharing “what’s good” in Chicago and you will never again hear me (read me?) say “I can’t believe I missed…” something cool.  If for no other reason than I need something to write about here, I promise to keep up on the latest and greatest in community service, involvement, and activism and to share it with you here.

CWS – you will not get the best of me and, c’mon Chicago weather, it’s almost May…

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