5 things you can expect from Going for Gusto in 2015

5 things you can expect from Going for Gusto in 2015

2014 was an off year for Going for Gusto. I wrote a total of five posts, by far the least I've ever written in a year. Christine LaFave Grace and Jakob Bilinski helped fill the void with posts throughout the year, but I needed a year away. One of my resolutions for 2015, however, is to get  Going for Gusto running again. I miss writing. I miss making people laugh. I miss the creative process. So, with a new year come new goals for myself and for Going for Gusto. The following are things you can expect from this blog in the coming year:

1. A post a day in January

The optimist in me says I should say a post a day in 2015. The pessimist in me doesn't quite believe I'm going to finish this post and have it up before Jan. 1 is over. So let's just settle on a post a day throughout January. It might be from me. It might be from Christine. It might be from Jakob. But there will be something here for you to read each day in January. And then we'll plan on shifting that momentum into February.

2. A Monday long-form column throughout the year

I love writing columns. My career goal leaving college was to become a full-time columnist. And at points in my career, I have at least been able to make that a part of my job. And while it doesn't look like I'll become a full-time columnist anytime soon, I do want to get back to having a weekly long-form column for the pure enjoyment of it. My first one for the year will be posted on Monday. And, just like when I used to have a weekly column, I probably won't have a clue what it's going to be about until the night before.

3. More email back-and-forths

One of my favorite types of posts are the email back-and-forth conversations between Jakob and me discussing movies. We'll have one up tomorrow discussing the upcoming Avengers movie, and I plan on having more of these throughout the year.

4. Podcasts

I have made a few test podcasts, but never one that I deemed worthy of publishing. I plan on publishing podcasts in 2015.

5. Reasons to smile, laugh, wonder, think, ponder, reflect, commiserate

We write about many different topics at Going for Gusto. I don't want to limit its scope. My only goal is that we post content that people want to read and get something from, whether that be a laugh, a new way of seeing things or the realization that someone else has gone through what they have. In 2015, there were be more of those types of posts at Going for Gusto.

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